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“Great service, quality of the final master and the various format options was exceptional. Communication throughout was first class.”

Simon Smith

“Phenomenal service. The quality and definition of the master received back has transformed my mix in the best ways possible. I’m truly very happy with the outcome and results, and I just think it’s a great deal. Thank you. My song sounds awesome now.”

Alex Poole

“Paul took my very amateur mixes and made them sound like a record. They translate perfectly on everything I’ve listened to them on and I can’t imagine getting that perfect combination of punch, loudness and gorgeous sheen any other way. A magician and a beautician! Cheers Paul”


“First class service again. Audio Animals have mastered 4 or 5 of my tracks now and I’ve been very happy with the service every time. My go to guys now.”

Andy Kemp

“Fantastic experience. Communication was excellent throughout. Paul was patient, receptive and able to do exactly what we asked for. Would 100% recommend and go back with our next project.”

Darren Reinholz

“I record all my songs in a home studio. And I’ve mixed all my songs, and used SoundCloud for Mastering. Finally I had this song (2/3RD’S BARNYARD) and was just sitting in my Daw. I tried to mix it myself, but just could not get it to my liking. So I tried Audio Animals. Paul Ashmore, fixed everything for me. He got the phase out of my drums. The Bass and Bass Drum are tight together, can I say more. Yes. The way he mixed my guitars is way beyond my abilities. The clarity and punch from the bass and drums, behind the guitars makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. My vocals sit in the mix, like I’ve always wanted. The level and balance is great to my ear. I love the final product. I want to use Paul Ashmore for my next song that is in the works.”

Future Momentum

“Thanks to Paul Ashmore (Studio B) at Audio Animals for Mastering my track.. An easy to use service and nice results produced with a warm tone and openness about the music as I had hoped for, increasing levels of detail along the way…. Anyone considering using this service I would highly recommend giving Audio Animals the opportunity, the results are well worth waiting for and downloads come in a variety of sample rates to suit playback on multiple devices. Great work and much appreciated!”

Dustin Nelson

“Wow!! Thank you so much Audio Animals for a stellar master. Can’t believe how awesome of a job Paul done with my tune. I’ll be back soon!”

Renato Quevedo

“Great work and great quality! I’m very pleased with the end result from Paul. He delivered a clear master as well as amazing service!”


“I have used many mastering houses before, some of them very decent, professional outfits. However, now that I have had 2 tracks mastered by Nick I am hooked, and my search for favourite mastering house is over. The beautiful tonality, controlled frequency balance and driving energy provided by the analog chain under the expert control of Nick is EXACTLY what we were looking for. As my mixing partner said, one can’t ask more from a mastering engineer than to keep the sonics of the track intact… whilst making the overall sound much, much better. And that is what Nick achieved for us. On the one track we asked for minor revisions, which he did politely and efficiently. And to think Audio Animals provides this high-end service at such an affordable rate – its really quite remarkable!! Great to work with Audio Animals and we will definitely be repeat customers.”

Dan Smith

“I found Audio Animals from a YouTube video of Paul’s. I was looking for a mastering studio at the time and decided to give them a try. I was not disappointed at all! I sent my mix in for evaluation and heard back from him the next day. The mastered track was exactly what I was hoping for, and more. I feel Paul knew exactly what my track needed. Very happy with the result and I will definitely use them again.”


“Paul Ashmore is a master of his craft! He EQ’s to perfection what is needed for the track, shelving off what has to come off, making the track as commercially attractive as possible! End result: the groove is so strong, I want to dance to it and I am unable to stop! Two thumbs up!!”


“I just wanted to let you know that the whole band is amazed by your skills. It is unbelievable how excellent the sound could be, if there are professionals working on it (YOU!). We thank you from the bottom of out hearts, I have never been so satisfied while listening to songs that we recorded. UNBELIEVABLE! Thank you very much.”

Winter In May

“Nick has taken my song to another level. Great work and great communication.”

Luke Collins

“Used these guys for mastering one of my tracks. Nick Burchall got on it and totally polished my tune with clarity and loudness. Thanks Audio Animals.”


“Audio Animals for the top pick! Its like my songs were mastered by God himself! Best Mastering Chain in the world! Come get yours.”


“Thank you for your work, hundreds of thousands of listeners like my home-mixed tracks, but when I handed them to Paul and received studio quality back, I realised that I finally got what I could not achieve at home, such verified details and quality of space, depth, volume, all this was impossible to do by yourself. Thank you Paul for your sound magic.”

Cuasar Music

“I’m very happy with the mastering work of Paul on my track, it’s sounding so powerful and clear. I’m 100% sure I will send another track again with Audio Animals, thank you guys.”


“I’d never considered using a studio for mixing and mastering my tracks until I found Audio Animals. I instantly recognized Paul’s passion and knew that he was someone who really gets it. On top of that, I couldn’t imagine a better signal chain, literally top-notch, everything I would use for mastering if money wasn’t a factor. Paul is extremely professional and answered every question I had, which is not what I was used to in this industry. He’s really a genius and someone I look up to, and since then I’ve had a couple of tracks both mixed and mastered by him and have been blown away every time. Dolby Atmos makes a huge difference, and with his skills and experience, I can notice a giant leap in quality and professionalism in my tracks. As a producer that gives me so much more confidence, and I really appreciate Paul for providing an extremely necessary service for aspiring artists at an affordable rate. I couldn’t be happier with the service and professionalism, and I can’t wait to continue working with them.”

The Haven

“Paul was a pleasure to work with during the mixing and Dolby Atmos mastering of our traditional Indian Ghazal song, which had very specific requirements regarding the sound and the mood that had to come through. He was patiently accommodative of our several requests and quite understanding of the situation during all the back and forth communication being made for various tweaks and changes throughout the whole process, while always being prompt in sending us the updated versions at each stage. The final master tracks in the end turned out really beautiful. We cannot thank Paul enough for his great work and supportive attitude! Highly recommended!”


“I used Audio Animals to mix and master my latest single after seeing a lot of their content online. I was not disappointed, the final mix and master were exactly what I was after, and the communications were clear and timely. Will definitely used their services again. Thanks guys.”

StephnSance Productions, LLC

“I found Audio Animals through their Youtube channel, which is very informative on all things related to mixing and mastering. I am happy to say that the audio expertise demonstrated in their videos translates 1/1 to what you experience as a client. The masters we got back had extended low range fullness, punchy and open dynamics but peaks kept in check, wider stereo imaging that still contained mono compatibility, an improved soundstage and nice eq with all the notable resonances removed. We will be a recurring client with AA for our albums going forward.”


“Paul was a pleasure to work with. His knowledge, professionalism and technical competence delivered the perfect sound quality. I will definitely use his services for my future tracks.”

Chris Shaw

“Just got the master back of one of my tracks. The extra space, clarity, correct emphasis on the different sections – Nick read it perfectly first time. I have zero notes, it literally came back first go better than I could have hoped for. I’ll be sending the rest of my EP over immediately and could not recommend enough!”

Matthew Holden

“Paul at Audio Animals was given quite a challenge from a mixing and mastering perspective with me handing over 90+ stems for a dance music track. This is the first time I’ve ever used a service like this, so I had no idea what to expect and also struggled to get across what I wanted, but Paul was always on hand, talked me through basic fundamentals and used his own skill and ability to implement my thoughts. I’m massively pleased with the work that has been done and would thoroughly recommend Paul and the team at AA for mixing and mastering. I’m already working on the next track and would happily work with Paul again. Thank you for helping me to achieve what will be my first release!”


“My situation was I had written music for 7.1.4. I had no real interest myself to create stereo and binaural mixes so I was thrilled Audio Animals could do this for me. I was very impressed with the work they had done and they were also so kind to make my stereo mix which ended up true to the original although mastered to modern requirements. As they were able to also provide Apple Masters I can release this record in compliance with Apple Music. Awesome work all round.”


“Awesome work love the mastering you put on my tracks, lovely work as always. As wi say Ina Jamaica. Big yuh self!”


“Highly recommended. Really pleased with the quality of the final masters and the speed in which they were turned around. Top class work thank you very much!”

Richard Rock

“Very high-quality service giving the score more depth and realism, making a huge difference to the track. Look forward to returning with more tacks in the future.”

Leon Flames

“Communication with Paul and Nick is always top tier. Nick has done it once again! I sent in my track ‘Stalin’s Lapel’, and boy did Nick execute this master perfectly. Whenever you want top industry masters completed, Audio Animals are the gold standard. As long as they are in business, they will be my go to guys to put the important finishing touches on anything that I record. Thank you for your amazing work!”


“WOW! Great job done by Nick! The track sounds even better than I expected. True professional, and not only the sound, but also the emailing process and the files I got (5 types). Thanks I definitely recommend Audio Animals service!”


“Audio Animals is very Professional and effective. I love working with them. Always on time for all the requests, and very patient for the details that I want to change or adjustment. it was a great experience working with them, and there is more tracks to work with in the future!”


“Very professional and precise staff! I received the material of my project on time and with clear, simple and effective working methods. Audio Animals are a group of very good professionals, from my point of view. Organized and precise professionals. Thank you! I will continue to entrust my projects to this staff. Good luck with your work!”

Brinkworth Music

“After many years of trial and error, countless engineers and even online automated services. I am over the moon to have found the guys here at Audio Animals. A truly top tier service from start to finish! For independent artists to have access to their skillset is a real blessing. I certainly would not release music without them!”


“Just had a listen back and the guys have done everything I’ve asked. Also been sent a few variations of the final master. Very pleased with the final result and will definitely use Audio Animals again for future mastering.”


“I feel like I’m in good hands with Audio Animals. The communication was quick, regular, clear and friendly. Reassuring, seeing as it was my first time using a professional mastering service. After sale service is something we never see in my own country, but I was relieved that these guys aren’t finished until you are satisfied. And my track sounds great! Five stars, keep going!”


“Great service with excellent product delivery at the end. The quality of the masters was excellent, I couldn’t have asked for more. I will definitely be coming back.”

Garth Johnson

“Okay. First of all can I say that I received a level of customer service including advice on how to get a better master in a way I have not been accustomed to, my first conversation was with Paul, who after one phone call saved my details and answered the phone by saying “hello Garth” I was shocked and every little bit helps. I had an issue which was in my mix to start with and this was addressed with ease once I had a conversation with Nick who takes care of the masters. All I can say is thanks Guys and I will be back soon. THIS MASTER BANGS WITH CLARITY.”

Callum Edwards

“Time and time again Audio Animals deliver. I’ve tried many mastering engineers, all the typical names that you’d think of, and none of them come close to Nick and Paul. The mix evaluations, the service, the turn around and most importantly – the delivery of the best masters possible. I genuinely used to get apprehensive when receiving masters back from other studios, as they never delivered to expectation, nor were they ever what I knew the track could sound like. I have absolute confidence in what I am getting back from Audio Animals – I know it is going to absolutely bang every time, and it always does. It’s evident that Nick and Paul care about their clients work, they always want to get the absolute best out of whatever they are mastering. Thank you as always gents! Callum”

Joseph Rowell

“Recently thought to test out Audio Animals for potential mastering of my current and future electronic dance music productions. The track submitted was a collaboration composition, from myself in the UK and a producer in Canada. In short, we were not disappointed, very impressed with levels, tightness of mastering, had this nice tinted layer of analogue feel to it, even though its EDM. Tested on multiple devices, very clean. clear and crispy. We will be submitting another collaboration track soon. This was just with a stereo master, I’m intrigued by the Atmos production studio, but I think I would have to be certain that the composition I’m submitting for that level of production is worth it. Great job crew at Audio Animals.”

Chris Craker

“Outstanding service – an excellent stem mix/master provided in super fast time! I’ll be back for more.”


“Top Quality Service, great sounding warm master, will definitely be working with the Audio Animals guys again!”

Zach Houston-Read

“The Audio Animals are true professionals. The masters came back sounding great and they were very responsive to any questions that came up. I will absolutely be using them going forward for all mastering needs!”

Paul Beard

“Audio Animals did a great job of mastering our track. We are based in Australia and had a tight delivery window. I submitted the track just before I went to bed here in Sydney and when I woke Audio Animals not only had our track sounding brilliant but also gave us all the delivery options we might need. Top job and saved the day. Thank you so much!”

Wayne walker

“Highly recommend Audio Animals for their professional customer service, quick turnarounds and quality masters. Their my go to mastering engineers.”

Daniel Simon

“I really like their work. It was my first time, but definitely not the last. You get so many high quality files from them and you can immediately promote your music everywhere at the highest level. I got a very clean mix and master. unbelievable!”


“The best of the best! Always reply fast, always get the projects done in the timeline promised, the quality of their mastering is on point! Not much else to say but… If you want audio things done right, you go to Audio Animals!”

Ocmino music

“Big thanks for my final master! Really happy with it, dynamics are great and the overall balance and sound is really solid, I will be returning to audio animals with more music very soon!”

Robin Clark-ward

“First time using Audio Animals. The process is very straightforward and the result Is amazing. Really boosted the sound and depth of the track. Excellent clarity and quality. Will definitely use again soon. Thank you.”


“Simply, do the best mix you can, send it to Audio Animals and they’ll send you back your mix like you’ve never heard it before; polished, punchy, panoramic, and most of all, Finished!! Affordable top notch mastering, highly recommended. Excellent!!” 

Jared Hallock

“This is my first time using Audio Animals and I am super impressed. They have taken the time to answer every question and their file delivery is super incredible. I feel like using Audio Animals is going to make my life easier.”

Fadal Nazir

“These guys are the real deal. Absolutely nailed the master of my drum and bass track! Would highly recommend.”

ATG breaks

“Tried many Mastering firms but kept getting told by DJs that the tunes just weren’t loud or low enough. Audio Animals sorted that (1 track to start with) now I’m going for the album with then.”


“Paul delivered a high quality mastered , really well balanced and brought out the best out of the song.Highly recommended and will definitely use their services again.”

Adrian Swift

“I have had 10 plus tracks mastered with Audio Animals and they always deliver in quality, price and service! Thank you once again Nick. All the best, Adrian.”


“They take your mix to the next level. Highly recommended !!!”

Lee Viner

“I can’t recommend Audio Animals enough. From the feedback I received on my mix, with detailed advice on how to improve it to get the most of it the mastering, to me being completely happy with the final master. Paul and Nick are very professional and enthusiastic about what they do, and this shows in the end product. Thanks a lot until next time.”

Michael Lakeland

“I had been wrestling with my track for ages, trying to get the ‘sound’ that was in my head translated into the dynamics of the song. I’d gone as far as I could with my limited skill set and so I decided to hand it over to Paul to see what he could do. Wow, he took it far beyond what I’d imagined it could sound like while retaining the essence of my mix. I now know where my limits lie (which is a good thing!), and so instead of wrestling with ‘mastering’ for days on end, I will be handing that part over to Paul from now on. He really is that good.”

Nathan Britton (Soho Live Studios)

“So happy with outcome of my mastered tracks… they sound amazing! They provide a very reasonable price for their service and the speed and professionalism of the team is top-notch. The sound is exactly, if not better, than what I was hoping for. I would thoroughly recommend any serious musicians and producers to work with these guys!”

Damien Walsh

“Very happy with the results – I’m pleased to have such a professional sounding piece of music. Highly recommend!”


“Amazing mastering results. Nick provided a very professional service, but most importantly, what he did sounds great. Most of our tracks nailed first time, I asked for revisions which he understood and sorted out promptly and efficiently. Can’t ask for more than that. Highly recommended.”

Umar Siddiqui

“Brilliant service from Paul. Really helped to bring my track to life in a way I couldn’t have. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants a good job mixing and mastering their songs.”

Victor Montiel

“A spectacular job from Nick, excellent attention, super recommended!”

David McQuiston

“Great job on my tech trance track guys, very clean and absolutely slamming.”

Jak Moran

“The guys did a terrific job getting my music ready to be published online.”


“I’ve been working with Audio Animals for years, Paul and Nick are top tier, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Highly recommended! They take the stress away, as mixing and mastering is no easy task and they allow us just to make the music. Thanks guys!”


“Thank you, good job, I like this master. Music so much pumping and loud. Many thanks Audio Animals.”

Oliver Oneill

“I have been using Audio Animals mastering for about 1 year now, approximately 20 masters so far. They are my go-to because every single time I am greatly satisfied. I have also had a couple friends now using their services after they liked my masters. Cheers guys!”


“My first stem master at Audio Animals – I have to say it was excellent work. Individual feedback, smooth communication and good revision service. Highly recommended.”


“Everyone should be careful what to wish for. These guys are the sound magicians. And like all the British villains in Hollywood movies: powerful and precise.”

The Wunderland

“I found Audio Animals online as I was not happy with a previous master of my EP. I tried out a couple of test tracks with Nick and was very happy. Excellent and efficient service – a great intuition for mastering a very full and rich analog sound. Highly recommended.”

GD Gardner

“Very intuitive mastering. Delivered the track to me exactly how I believed it should sound.”

Dennis Pagliaro

“I was really blown away from the mastered track. Loud, punchy and clean!”


“Very good work, attentive team. Works fast and efficiently. Thank you!”

Jason Mac

“Thoroughly recommend these guys, very professional and the outcome is amazing every time. They really listen and help.”

Elias Kopp

“I had Paul mix and master my track and have got to say the end result was top notch. He took a fairly muddy mix and made each part stand out to it’s full potential. Could not recommend the service more and will definitely use again.” 

Matthew Rhys Daniel

“I’ve been working with two engineers from Audio Animals at an affordable price range as I make independent music for my own label and I am very happy with how the engineers make my instrumentals and featured vocalists come together sounding clear, not losing my special touch.”


“Thank you for your attention to our music! As a result, we got a nice warm analog sound. We will be glad to contact your studio again.”

RIC T James

“Amazing amazing amazing service! So impressed! The work is quality and service is responsive and reliable! I use audio animals for mastering my tracks and they sound amazing! Highly recommend!”

John Carson

“I’ve just received my masters back and I must say outstanding Job, retained all the parts I worked so hard to achieve in the mix and then took them onto another place and Quality. Amazing Job.”

Yogi Rulez

“My master from Audio Animals is stronger, louder, more concrete with good range of dynamics. Every instrument in the mix sounds good. Especially EQ from Audio Animals is much better than the one I got from Landr.”

Cecil V

“he engineers at Audio Animals Ltd are brilliant. I am delighted to have worked with them!”


“Amazing service, I love what I received. Was great work what you done. I will surely recommend you to a friend and rate for the fantastic work you have done, will be GOOD BETTER BEST. “

Tom Ward

“Extraordinary service, after trying a few places and getting frustrated I stumbled onto them. The free feedback was immensely helpful and sincerely generous, and it just got better from there. Friendly, responsive, patient and most crucially it’s top quality work at a very considerate price. Can’t recommend enough!” 

Des Cox

“It’s so easy to be disappointed these days with services, but Audio Animals mastered the double album I recorded, from which I have released three tracks and would you believe, all three went into the Euro and World Top 100 Charts and one even got to number one… Without Audio Animals I would never have achieved what is almost the impossible, but also, Nick and Paul are just so good to deal with and always willing to go that little bit further to give you the best… What more can I say but. Thanks Guys!”

Alec Beretz

“Audio Animals is an absolute steal. The quality as well as the flexibility with providing alternate versions is great. Especially for newer artists that don’t have a huge production budget, I would absolutely run with Audio Animals to kick off your music publishing. Make sure you make your mix as good as you can get it, and Audio Animals will put that wrap and bow on it that makes it ready to go!! Thank you guys for the hard work and consistent output!”

Steve Finney

“The result that came back was incredible. For years I’ve searched for a mastering house, and even tried the terrible online results you can use, and finally. I’ve found you guys!”

Matthew Parker

“Just wow, amazing quality mastering and definitely brought out the best quality sound potential that could possibly be caught by the ear, top quality work and highly recommended to reach that professional standard for sound mastering. Big up Audio Animals”

Igo Pieters

“Audio Animals gave me great advise for several mixes. They did an outstanding job on my masters. My style of music is not common, but they feel what it needs to sound deeper, warmer and more balanced.” 


“Thank you very much. I’ve just been listening to a side by side of the original master we had from the studio and your master and I can’t get over how big and bright and polished the sound coming from you guys is. Its very exciting!”

Brinkworth Music

“Over the moon with the master I received, not only does it sound incredible… added depth ,clarity and really brought the best out of my mixdown…. it comes with 2 versions with no added charge!! (24bit, 16bit, streaming & mp3) other engineers can ask for £50 each if you’re lucky!!! Oh and they sound perfect on all devices and streaming platforms… coming back is a no brainer. A must for all artists… especially those who work independently! Thanks guys!”


“Great mixing and mastering I’m really happy and pleased with the end result, great work guys keep it up.” 


“I wanna say big thank you. For making me sound very professional, I will continue to work with you guys till end of time thanks for giving me the best.”

Empires Decline

“We’ve had such favourable reviews of your mixes (over Abbey Road mixes) that we wanted to come back to you guys without hesitation.”

The Jazz Cowboy

“As always a great job mastering my tracks for me! The results never disappoint, Great work guys. Thank you!”


“Very professional team! Your work is very good, and feedback is great! Its amazing how these guys put their effort into your music! After mastering with Audio Animals your music is gonna sound so professional and sonic! Highly recommend it!” 


“Thank you so much Nick for putting in the effort and time to rush this mastering job out for us at Singapore Poly. Really appreciate it! You made it possible for us to release the album on time. Great people, amazing service, excellent skills! Highly recommended!!”

Emo LeBlanc

“You are the best. There is no headache when I use you guys. When I receive my finished files from you it has everything including performance track. I have used Abbey Roads and Sterling Sound in the past and you guys (Audio Animals) out shining them by far! You make it so easy for me. Thank You and you have earned a permanent long time client. I look forward to many releases & growth together!!!” 

Pocket Wisdom

“The epitome of a professional service. Direct with a quick turnaround, these guys can elevate your music to the highest level.”


“We are very satisfied of the Audio Animals mastering! Sounds very great on every device, clean and very warm sound! It’s bringing our tracks to another level! The team is at your disposal and at your service. Proud to be mastered by Audio Animals!”

Timothy Cottrill

“Just had my first track mastered by Nick from Audio Animals, and I’m delighted with the results. Excellent value, they’ve given it that professional quality sound that you can’t achieve by yourself, and being given multiple file formats at no extra cost was a really pleasant surprise. Excellent service, communication and results – will definitely be back again!”


“Been with Audio Animals since 2014 and they been by far the most consistent and reliable mixing and mastering engineer brand that I’ve ever worked with!! Since my first placement with Marvel Sony which they totally made my work sound really professional, it gave me a clear view that my career in music has shifted among the quality of the greats!”

Jeremy Doyle

“Second time I’ve used Audio Animals for 5 track EPs and have been very happy with the results. Communication is timely and professional, rates are reasonable and my tracks have that added sheen that can only come from a great mastering engineer. Thoroughly recommend and will be using again.”

Goran Kus

“Audio Animals Mixing and Mastering are amazing!! I’ve had a phenomenal experience and I’m pleased to call them my “go-to” source for mixing and mastering. They give my project attention and care and make the commitment to work with me until it’s the way I want it. They Are The GODS Of Engineering! If You Need Any Of Your Songs Mixed & Mastered, Audio Animals is the right team for you! Thank you ever so much Paul and Nick!”

Paul Robinson

“Great service, turnaround time and end result, really polished up my track and gave it space. Highly recommended.”


“There is no such great service in Japan. Various problems I was worried about have been solved. I really appreciate this service. A big thank you to Nick Burchall for doing a great job!”


“When I look for someone to work with, I look for a number of things. Audio Animals ticked all the boxes. I needed experienced ear to listen to my track and advise me on any mix issues. Came back to me with a list of good changes that made a hell of a difference. Was really helpful. Then when I heard the master come back I was blown away. I mean I knew they’d do a good job but they made my track some how sound better than commercial chart tracks. Was crazy as I always questioned my skills. I know realise all that was missing was professional mastering. I’ve used various other engineers in the past but not one even compared to Audio Animals. 10 out of 10 guys and thanks for your help and advice.”

Lemuel Lartey

“Paul Ashmore guided me through his steps, was very responsive and left me extremely happy with his efforts. Very simple process, quality unmatched. I don’t mean to be informal, but these guys are the GOATS.”

Fede Archdale

“Always blown away by both Paul and Nicks professional work, great quality with such a great warm final result. Fast forward communication as part of their fantastic service.”

James Halon

“Nick mastered my 5 track Indie Dance & House music EP, and I am incredibly happy with the sound of the album. I have worked with multiple mastering services over the years, and so many of them try to push the bass since it’s “dance music”, often to the point of clipping kicks/transients, but not Audio Animals! Nick’s masters have a rich balance, deep clear lows with clean airy highs. I am super impressed with the service and I will be using Audio Animals for my future releases.”

Kony Band

“Amazing work, as always. I love the stem mastering option. They are professionals, you can hear that in the way they master the songs. Can’t wait to work with them again!”

Cristóbal Reyes

“I am delighted with the work done by Paul, he has an incredible ear for picking up all the subtleties that I couldn’t pick up in the mix. Absolutely recommended!”


“As I’ve used Audio Animals for past masters it felt natural to use them again. They have done an excellent job on the mastering it has cleared up everything the drums are more punchy the bass is clearer and the synths are really clean and the overall sound is a lot smoother. Tested it in various situations for example, in the studio, in the car, on the smart tv and the makita site radio at work and translated very well across everything thanks again Audio Animals another great master ready for release.”

Sunny “m1L” Herrera

“This service is uncanny. I paid for a 2 to 5 day turnaround and I got my track back in 2 days! That’s great customer service. Paul was gracious enough to send over a vid of the mastering process for social media promo use, to which was exceptional and completely appreciated. Amazing results! Thanks again Audio Animals for your time!”

Shimron Fernando

“Paul’s work on my track was nothing short of exceptional. His expertise in Dolby Atmos Mastering is unparalleled, making AA studio the go-to destination for anyone seeking top-tier sound quality. With the best mastering chain in place, the results are nothing but high-end perfection. Highly recommended!”

Wounded Buffalo Beats

“There is no doubting the skills of these guys. I’d been paid to produce a last minute track from start to finish for an artist, which I had to mix in less than stellar conditions and after having completed the song on time for the artist, my usual mastering guy wouldn’t master the track due to some of the religious views within the lyrical content. I reached out to Audio Animals and asked if there was any chance of a same day turnaround. They said yes and they delivered the goods. I’d damn near lost my mind trying to mix the track with no studio monitors, only headphones in a hotel room and my car speakers as a reference. Nick Burchall has made it sound like it was mixed from start to finish in a studio environment. Blown away by what he’s done. I’m also very grateful for the fantastic service. Would highly recommend.”

Attih Ekpenyong

“I saw their ads online and I thought I’d try their mastering services for some songs on my album. The results came back to me and I was amazed. Really impressive mastering services, I must say. I’ll definitely work with them again.”


“Fantastic master! Stayed true to the mix and added a wonderful depth and clarity that exceeded all of my expectations. I chose to go with the stereo master rather than the stem mastering and they were still able to improve the relationship between my piano and acoustic guitars.”

Ryan Spinharney

“I sent in a reggae dub track mixed to tape and dubbed with real tape echoes and just need a nice master to polish it… and Wow it sounds good! Just the life that the track needed. I will be sending more. Thank you so much Audio Animals!”

Tech Panda & Kenzani

“Audio Animals has been amazing since one! The output has been beyond what we had hoped for. A big thanks to Paul who took care of the project in a very professional manner. Very happy with Audio Animals! Cheers”


“I’m very happy whit the work of Audio Animals, Paul and Nick has made an amazing work on my tracks given me that awesome final result I will keep choosing audio animals for sure!”

DJ Crystl

“Very professional, efficient and cost effective mastering service. I used Nick who was very helpful with a few requests I had. End result was fire and turnaround was fast. “


“After being stuck into that never ending mixing my own music with headphones, I decided to let a mixing and mastering engineer do something with my tracks, and I’m glad I did. The results are AMAZING. Paul knew exactly what was needed. I’ll definitely continue to use your services. Thank you so much!”


“All I can say they never disappoint! Always deliver everything I am looking for. Loud, powerful and pro sound, exactly how I wanted it to be. Audio Animals are really professional and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to everyone. Definitely I will keep using this service in the future!”

Rob Knowles

“Really happy with both the service and finished product. We used the mix and master service and after one round of mixes we sent feedback to Paul, he really paid attention to our notes and the second round came back perfect. You can pay extra if you’re in a hurry, otherwise you join the queue of jobs but once they get on to your job things progress very quickly. Communication throughout was excellent, and most importantly they really know what they’re doing. Next time we need mixing/mastering we know we don’t need to go through the research process, we’ll just go straight to Audio Animals.”

Sam Cole

“After doing a fantastic job of mastering my first solo album venture in 2021, I wanted to return to Audio Animals to have them master a very personal song that I had written (with the intent of sharing it online and on physical media). Nick had perfectly balanced the track and I could clearly hear each instrument against the vocals, but still preserving the song’s dynamics. Everything had space. It didn’t matter what device I played the final master through, a laptop or Hi Fi – everything still sounded great and clear. Something that we all want when people listen to our music. Thanks again for your work!”

David Dauthieux

“Many thanks to Nick from Audio Animals on behalf of the “RIGGER” label for his excellent work in mastering our French song “Insomnie”. We will return to Audio Animals without hesitation.”

Harry Mindgame 

“I have had many many tracks mastered by Audio Animals. I’ve always been absolutely happy with the results. Mastered my own mixes in the past and these days I prefer to send it out to Nick to get it done. Comes back exactly as I wanted it! The most consistent team that there is. You know your work is in safe hands. Very reliable.”

Jason Hepworth

“My second track mastered so far by Audio Animals. Thanks to Nick for this one. As I said after the first one, I’ll definitely be a returning customer. Very happy… Jay””


“Great service, first time I dealt with Nick and Paul. Quick turn around professional service and absolutely stoked with the end result.”

Seas Of Strange

“The biggest compliment I can give is to say that I didn’t notice my song in a playlist of my favourite reference tracks. It fitted right in and the mastering job Nick did is what elevated my mix from good to great!”


“Just receive my master, all is controlled and perfectly mastered thanks Paul!”

Stephen McManus

“First time using Audio Animals for mastering. Very happy with the service. My track sounds great – on all platforms. Great communication & rapid response in replying to emails, track turnaround etc. Will be using Audio Animals for mastering my tracks going forward. Cheers guys.”


“Thank you Audio Animals. As an independent musician without much of a budget, you’ve allowed me to afford real professional masters that I can’t find anywhere else. Your masters are always clean, bright, dynamic and punchy all at the same time, helping my songs feel better. Looking forward to all the future songs I will be sending you!”


“Really impressed with the service from Audio Animals. First time using a professional mix/master engineer but they guided me through the process, gave some useful advice and turned the track around very quickly. Communication really clear too. Will definitely use again. Nice one!”


“Probably best price and quality on Earth. There is no possible way you can be disappointed by Audio Animals.”


“Always deliver the best sound and quality. Highly recommend Audio Animals mixing and mastering service. First class ! thank you!”


“Quality service as always. If you want your master to translate on any playback system. Audio Animals are the guys that get the job done.”

Andrew Poirier

“Again and again these guys blow my mind. Paul is extremely helpful at helping you achieve your end product vision. Nick is an assassin when it comes to stereo mastering, I suggest the stem master. If you have Paul master your track in Dolby Atmos your mind will be blown, it sounds NUTS! All and all these guys are both great guys and have been helping me level up for a few years now. You want an extremely professional and competitive master, well here’s your guys.”


“The service Paul & Nick are providing is incredible! I have tried most of the online mixing & mastering services. Audio Animals is 2nd to none. You’ll pay slightly more than others but the final product is unmatched. I wouldn’t go anywhere else now.”

Tim Faunce-Brown

“Audio Animals have been great from start to finish. My latest song ‘Girls’ is my first Dolby Atmos release and the mix and the master were everything I hoped. The Atmos really brought the song to life and made it more than it was as a stereo mix. I can fully recommend Audio Animals. Paul was very helpful, answering all of my questions. The process was straightforward and easy. Thank you very much. I look forward to sending you more music to work your magic on.”

Marco Gobbi

“I wanted to try this online master service for the first time, I must say that I was very impressed with their work, it is a great alternative for those like me who cannot always go to an attended studio. I am very satisfied with the result, I think I will send still more tracks to master. Thanks Audio Animals.”

Therman Russell

“Just had another track mastered by Audio Animals, and WOW! I’m a SERIOUS perfectionist! Having my music projects mastered by a company that has (literally) the best mastering tools on the planet (and know how to use them) is a dream come true for me! I truly find it difficult to articulate how good these guys are, but I guess this sentence actually sums it up! Helpful, patient, friendly, thorough and fast; the absolute best! Need mastering, or any of the other sound recording studio related services; then use Audio Animals, no one else. Period!!”

Pete Shepherd

“Great service provided all round, friendly communication, responsive and most importantly they know what they’re doing when it comes to mastering your music. Looking forward to future business, top marks guys.”


“Great service from the audio animals team. Vocal quality and overall song clarity sounded refined and professional. Getting a proper mix and master from these guys, always gets better results than using an online automated mastering system.”


“I always get excited to receive my masters! They do a fantastic job and just elevates the sound of my music. Thank you so much guys.”

Martin Gimson

“Thanks guys for the excellent job you did mastering our track. The whole team are very impressed. We’ll be back with more tracks to master soon!”


“What an awesome. sound, its so clean, very audible, well balanced and an advance craft music production. I’m so satisfied. Audio Animals have given me an award winning sound… Finally i can match up with todays big stars.”


“I was honestly speechless when I got the masters back for my EP. Nick really gave every sound it’s place on the stereo field, and made the subbass sound earth shattering!! The clarity in the vocals were truly unbelievable too. Nick is an absolute Wizard when it comes to making an electronic music track hit hard through your speakers and making it sound extremely professional and controlled at the same time.”


“Great services, super helpful, the mix sounds great, turn around time was very quick also. Great value for money and they have some really high end kit, analogue and digital. Can give them a call to talk through which I found really helped. Will definitely be using again to complete my album.”

Fede Archdale

“I greatly appreciate your excellent work and professionalism together with the facility on going through the process. I has been great and straightforward. With a big mention to the great end result of my tracks. Thank you very much and looking forward to future work with you.”

Josh Orozco

“I’m in awe of the wonderful work Nick did to my song. Having been an independent artist for 3 years now, I’ve never sent a single piece of my work to anyone, until now… and thank goodness I did! Audio Animals completely exceeded my expectations and I will be a returning customer! I’m so happy with the FULLNESS achieved in my final mix. I feel more confident putting this song out than any other before. Can’t wait to send over my next!”

Derek Gibbons

“Travelling around a fair amount, a lot of my mixing has to be done on a pair of headphones which makes it nigh on impossible to get a decent mix particularly at the low end. The quality of Audio Animals stem mastering service sounded superb, with the imaging at the low end sculpted very well. Highly recommended.”

Mister Lees

“Audio Animals are the REAL DEAL! Not only is the service simple and easy to use, the quality of their work speaks for itself! Our latest two releases have been mastered by AA and I have 0 complaints. Thick, rich masters that translate perfectly for radio and streaming. Working relationship secured! Thank you guys!!”

Mario R

“Highly professional work at a fair price. I got what I hoped for… Thank you guys.”

Andy Newton

“Hey guys, had to dive on here and leave a review…The master is an absolute winner. The pads and chords come flashing through now. The bass and kick are punchy but not overpowering as before. You’ve done a splendid job. I will definitely be using the Audio Animals again and again for my new tracks. If you’re struggling with mastering, send it to them! You wont regret it.”

Bobby Bonev

“We trusted Paul and Nick with our track and they did a fantastic job. The precision to sound editing is insanely good and I cannot recommend these guys enough.”

Sam Cole

“Having recorded my first solo album and mixed it myself I was looking for a professional service to undertake the final crucial stage of mastering. Audio Animals have done a superb job in maximising the clarity of my work – all within a very reasonable budget and time frame. Thank you!”

Dwight Sirls

“My new project “Retro” got quite an enhancement from Nick Burchall. He took the vibe I was shooting for in the mix and made it better. I couldn’t believe the small nuances that made each song hit home relative to the vibe I wanted. I have found THE mastering engineer for my future projects!!”


“Awesome work on the mastering of the track, love it. Also looking forward to working with you guys again”

Art Folk Dub

“Where such professionalism meets price point, you have returning customers. No independent artists left behind or unattended”

Matthew Gough

“Wow. Above and beyond levels of professionalism throughout the process. The website looks great and it is easy to order. The master we got back from Nick was simply fantastic. We have tried so many different avenues, from Fiverr and word of mouth mastering engineers to even trying ourselves – but you guys have given the best product at the end of it. You have a new customer. Thanks again, Nick!”


“Highly recommend. Used the mastering service and I am so glad I did. It sounds perfect and Paul has added that special final touch to the track. Will definitely use again. Mastering is so important to that final sound. Very quick turnaround too! Thank you so much.”


“This is the second time I’ve used Audio Animals and will most certainly be returning again. The sound quality on my latest track is especially amazing because I opted for both mixing and mastering. Their service is super quick and seamless!”

Andrew Rhodes

“I have been mastering my own songs for a couple of years, using mostly Ozone 9 Advanced, along with various other high calibre plugins. I decided to get one track mastered by Audio Animals to compare it to my own master, which I was fairly happy with. I dropped both into my DAW to A/B Compare. The Audio Animals master sounded so much better. They had managed to get more loudness (I had mastered to -8.5Lufs) whilst also preserving far more dynamic range, but it wasn’t just that, it sounded far more polished. I thought my master sounded great until I compared it. Overall very happy and I think I now need to get all my tracks mastered this way until I am this good. Thank you.”


“I submitted for the animals to do a free mix evaluation for me. While I was waiting for the free insight, I was too excited and submitted for a stereo master. I opted to have Nick do the work in studio A and he had the single back to me within seven hours. I was flabbergasted by the incredibly fast service, I was instantly attracted to the added warmth, depth and analog tone, however it still wasn’t quite where I wanted the sound. In the meantime I got Paul’s recommendations from the mix evaluation back, and he thought we should go with the excellent option of a stem master. Allowing them to rebalance my mix just a hair, while still retaining my project’s vision, and overall sound. Nick then further discussed the needs of the project with me and I decided to upgrade to a stem master. Nick was again incredibly efficient and sent me a new stem master within a business day. I suppose at first I was nervous about having someone else work on this song, as it is my first. These guys handled it with the utmost care and professionalism. In the swiftest possible manner. They really treated it as if it were their song. And in a way, it is. Because without their help it wouldn’t have come to life in the new way that it has. I can genuinely recommend the animals as a top notch mastering house. Willing to go the extra mile for you to make your project shine. Thanks again Audio Animals!”

DMP Tunes

“Producing the music is one thing, but mastering to the industry standard is definitely another. I struggled for a long time trying to get the perfect mastering sound. Using plugins and researching “Mastering Techniques” for a certain genre etc. Then I found Audio Animals, they have taken the stress and very time-consuming process out of my hands. I cannot thank these guys enough for the final result. They will also advise on what to tweak and change at my end to ensure the final work sent to them is where it needs to be before mastering commences. Audio Animals are very thorough, very hands-on, very helpful, communication is spot on, and they have a passion for your music to sound great. I would not hesitate in recommending Audio Animals.”

Lewis Turpin

“Can’t recommend these guys enough! Always top quality!”

Jake EKz

“Fantastic service from A-Z, patient, happy to offer advice and very quick turn around. Would highly recommend!”


“Thanks very much for your brilliant service! The pre-masters arrived after just a week and even after I edited a vocal track the finished files were with me just a few days later. I’m really pleased with the results – my music never sounded so good! Thanks again for all your help and I’ll certainly use you again.”

Just G

“Wow. Thank you so so much. This is by far one of the best services I have received in a long time. The turn around time, the quality, the tracks I received. Just amazing. You can guarantee that you will be receiving all of my originals, remixes etc from here on out. Absolutely great work honestly. Couldn’t have asked for better.”

Richard Collins

“Wow Thank you so much mate. I am so pleased that sound you have achieved for me is unbelievable…it is so powerful and that’s all thanks to you, the sound is amazing. I’m a self taught producer and to here that from you makes me so happy…so glad I found you and can’t wait to work with you again…will always be coming to you and such a great service too!”

Keith Stead

“Before I found Audio Animals I tried two online automated mastering services. One I felt applied too much processing, whereas the other perhaps not quite enough. I think Audio Animals hit the sweet spot. Thank you so much. I’d also like to say that your website was very informative and easy to navigate. But it was your reasonable prices and free mix evaluation that really clinched it for me.”


“I just heard the track and WOW! I cant even listen to the Un-mastered mix at all now. You have done such a great job on the track, I love how the dynamics of the track have still been preserved but its still aggressive and punchy now. I will most certainly be using Audio Animals for my future releases!”

David Hermans

“Just received my master and i couldn’t be happier. The email correspondence was very professional and the turn around time was amazing. Although I record at home and my recording have a slight lo-fi quality to them, the mix was second to none in terms of depth al sonic quality.  Great service!”


“Got my first ever mastering of one of my own mixes with Audio Animals. Cannot believe how much better it sounds. It’s just ironed out the mix and made it ready to be put on show. Nothing but compliments for the work they have done. I’ll be back for more!”

Paul Killey

“Had my track mixed and mastered sounds really good. Very happy with the service purchased.”

Jimmy Ostbygaard

“Thank you for the files. The result is perfect! What a job you have done. We are very satisfied.”

Flow Eazy

“Great quality end product, couldn’t ask for a better master.”

Daniel Stan

“There is only one thing to say … AMAZING job. That’s why I use Audio Animals.”

Liquid Tones

“Unreal client service and value for money, the best we’ve found so far.”

Ken Allardyce

“A big thank you to Nick who after a couple of conversations seemingly mastered my mixes for Forgetting the Future intuitively to just where I wanted them. A great job in a subjective stage of the process that demonstrated great skill and understanding. And with a very fair and competitive price, I would recommend Audio Animals to anyone.”

James Brown

“I’ve entrusted Audio Animals with a few releases, and the results have always been nothing short of spectacular. Ultra professional sounding end results, great prices with discounts for larger projects, and amazing to work with..”

Oskar Strömberg

“Audio animals really took my mixes to the next  level with their great mastering. Great communication, fast, decent pricing and overall great service. Also really appreciate being able to have your mixes reviewed before sending them in for mastering. I will definitely return for any future projects.”

Emanuele Giraldo

“I can say “Five Stars for Audio Animals!”. Amazing sound that makes the songs magical.”

Bjørn wahl

“It’s the first time I try Audio Animals mastering and I’m very satisfied, I will recommend and use Audio Animals again. Thanks for nice mastering!”

Just Mates

“Oh my word what a fantastic mix and master you have done. Mike and I are extremely pleased with it indeed. It sounds so full, clear and amazing. Superb job.”

Phil Mayo

“Audio Animals have worked on a selection of my tracks now. They are my go to for a quick and reliable service, delivering outstanding results every time. Also with their free promotion option, I have seen my downloads go up and followers grow. All in all a great company, with brilliant aftercare, highly recommended.”


“Audio Animals go the extra mile for their clients! I have a certain vision for my music and their mix master service is perfect to accommodate that. Makes my music sound so much better than I could on my own.”

Ben Degg

“So so so so incredible. Absolutely love the people at Audio Animals. Always put their heart and soul into their work. Wouldn”t go anywhere else.”


“Thanks to the Audio Animal team for the great work they do! Never disappointed!”

Tendo UK

“Wouldn’t use anyone else! Great service, and our tunes sound meaty AF! Very knowledgeable, friendly and willing to help.”


“Love the big sound of this Studio and Engineers. Really good work and fast delivery. Big up! Rk Team”

Manuel Frederico

“Absolutely great service. Everything about Audio Animals, good. Great and constant communication, effective, fast delivery and great results. I received lots of version of the final product, stream quality, CD quality, etc etc etc I’m for sure coming back for more.”

DJ Peshay

“Just got the masters back for the first 9 releases on the label, like to give a shout out and big thanks to Paul Ashmore and Nick Burchall from Audio Animals who did a fantastic job on making them sound great,couldn’t be more happier!!! If anybody wants to get their music mixed and mastered hassle free then I highly recommend them. Two great guys,very friendly but also very professional, but most importantly they know their stuff!!!”

Steven Francis

“I got great results and a prompt and customer-focused service from Nick at Audio Animals. Even when I wasn’t always able to articulate how I wanted the finished product to sound, Nick stuck with it and and ran a few different versions of a couple of the tracks until I was completely happy.  When you’re not attending the mastering session it’s really important to be able to tweak and iterate until everything fits perfectly into place and Nick was brilliant in this regard and never made me feel like I was being fussy, even if I was.”


“It’s the first time I use Audio Animals services, and the result is just perfect! My tune sounds way better, loud, balanced and clean. Paul did an incredible job on the main voice and pushed it to another level. They are very communicative and helpful and kept me updated about every step of mixing and mastering. I will use Audio Animals again for sure”

Danny Kirsch

“The un-mastered mix I sent Audio Animals was decent but they took it to the next level and beyond with their mastering skills. To say it now sounds huge is an understatement. It sonically sounds amazing. Why would labels get their artist’s tracks mastered anywhere else, when they could just go to Audio Animals and get their tracks mastered for a third of the price and sounding 10 times better.”

Phinestro Robert

“Audio animals mixing and mastering Services is top notch quality. Audio Animals took my mix and create more depth and clarity. They took it that step further than I could. That’s what separates them from any other online mixing and mastering services. They are BEASTS when it comes to communication. I personally highly recommend this service to everyone! I know sonically, my work will stand out from everyone else.”

Jose Maria Fernandez Del Vallado

“I was blown away by the results from the mix and master. I thought my mix was already good and Paul took it to a complete new level. It’s like if he could read my mind and do what I wasn’t skilled enough to do. Really recommended. Love it!”


“I have never received such incredible service. Audio Animals go above and beyond. They gave me way more than I expected. And outstanding quality. They have given me every reason to not look elsewhere.”

Greg Lynch

“Absolutely fantastic service. The quality, communication, the turn around time and just everything about Audio Animals, is insanely good. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.”

Desmond Cox

“It really pleases me to have found someone as reliable and capable as Audio Animals, for their work in mastering can ensure our finished master will, after their mastering treatment, sound equal to anything, so thank you…. They are also so helpful and always willing to go that extra mile to ensure we get the very best results, and let’s face it, with the competition we have to face when releasing tracks, we so need this.”


“I truly recommend Audio Animals, communication is fast, service on point and they really have lots of patience, creative people with experience shown in results. Already worked with them few times and definitely will do more in future.”

Brett and Butter

“I’m very picky with the people that I allow to work on my music because it’s so personal to me. Audio Animals blew my expectations out of the water and made my record sound incredible. I’ll definitely be coming back for all my music mixing and mastering needs!”


“I’ve got a friend I am collaborating with and he’s heard the quality of my tracks in comparison to his and wants the same magic touch. You can’t compare your work with anyone it’s on it’s own plane. 2nd to none.”

Jack Bowen

“Fantastic job very pleased, thank you for the great service, will highly recommend and will 100% be using your mixing and mastering services again. A 10/10 from me.”


“Hi, I cant express how happy we have been with these Master files. You guys have done a phenomenal job and we plan on putting in another order for our next album here in the next few months with you guys.”

Jason Lunar

“Absolutely brilliant! So happy with the mix. Really excellent job. This has been a project that I have worked on for too long and have fell out of love with. But after the work you have done, it has totally resurrected the track.”


“I’ve been using Audio Animals for my mastering since they initially set up the business. The first thing that struck me was how friendly they were and their willingness to help me get the results that I wanted. This is company that is happy to connect with their clients on a one-to-one basis, without pretentious airs and graces, which (as an artist) is a huge help. This weekend I took the plunge and opted for a full mix and master, and I have to say that it was worth every penny! Listening back now, I know that the finished product is the best that it can be. It’s clean, full of power and with wonderful analogue harmonics that have lifted my creation up to another level. It’s not just the kit that makes this do good though, it’s the people involved. Both Paul & Nick know their stuff and are more than happy to advise and educate.”

Jad Gemayel

“Absolutely thrilled with the mixing and mastering service I received! The team truly captured the essence of my music and brought it to life in a way I never could have imagined. The attention to detail and quality of work exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend their services to any musician looking to take their sound to the next level. Thank you for helping me achieve a polished and professional sound that I am proud to share with the world.”

Brett Holmes

“I listened to my master last night multiple times and I have to say that an analogue master is exactly what the project needed! I would 100 percent suggest any artist of any level work with audio animals. Not only are they super easy to deal with but they really know how to make a mix sparkle, no matter the genre.”

Shiloh Ites Music

“After working with Audio animals there is no need to search any further. Paul took it to the next level! Simply the best!”

Saurabh Bhalerao

“I had great experience of working with Nick for mastering two of my tracks. Both the tracks have come out so good. I specifically liked how he has treated the low end thump. Totally setting the vibe. Will be looking forward for more mixing/mastering sessions ahead. Thanks.”

Alex Zitto

“Audio Animals is truly the place for great mastering. All the gears there are not just for show. They add some vibes to the whole mastering. Thanks guys for a great job. Hey Paul thanks for your quick response!”

Dan Smith

“I have used both Nick and Paul for masters and both have done an amazing job. I will definitely be using Audio Animals again.”


“Nick did an amazing job on my song. I’m still a beginner at mixing so I’m hoping my mix wasn’t too annoying to deal with but after hearing the master it sounded completely radio-ready. I opted for stem mastering because I haven’t worked with vocals and strings together, so I had ear fatigue on levelling. 1000% worth it. I might opt for mixing & mastering next time if I’m having trouble. Would love to see lesson videos from you guys!”


“I recently had the pleasure of working with Paul at Audio Animals for the mastering of a pop song I was working on and I’m incredibly impressed. His expertise and attention to detail surpassed my expectations, delivering a final master that truly impressed me. Quick communication and a fantastic result make him and Audio Animals my top choice for mastering. I am looking forward to working with Paul on my future projects. Highly recommended!”

Omari Mcclain

“Paul and the Audio Animals team are superior. Over the years, I’ve worked with other high end mastering studios, (Sterling Sound, Mastering Palace, Etc.) but Audio Animals, they are such great people to work with and the deliverables (and cost) compared to these other studios are insane! The sound is truly amazing and I will continue sending my projects to only Audio Animals!”

Tez Pushay

“I am extremely happy with the final output provided by Paul. The quality of the work is exceptional, and he went above and beyond to ensure everything was perfect. I highly recommend. Thank you, Paul!”

Dusan Kerkez

“It is a pleasure to cooperate with such professionals and experts.”

Jason Hepworth

“Once again the sound I asked for was delivered. But also, it’s the quick response time and help with any questions. This is why I keep going back to Audio Animals. 5th time I’ve used their mastering service and I will be a returning customer.”

James Castady-Kristament

“Audio Animals is a quality service at an affordable price. Friendly communication with no dramas. In the past I’ve spent more and received less from other mastering services. So when I discovered Audio Animals they ticked all my boxes and I found my go to guys for Mastering. I’ve mastered 2 full length albums with them now and they’ve improved the clarity, separation and power of my mixes. I couldn’t be happier with Audio Animals.”

Seism Productions

“I recently had the pleasure of using the mastering service at Audio Animals London, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed! Their studio is a paradise for any music enthusiast, equipped with top-of-the-line syslog that ensures a pristine and professional sound. The team at Audio Animals London worked wonders on my tracks. Their attention to detail and expertise in the industry are evident in the final results. My music went from being good to outstanding after their mastering touch! The tracks now have that extra “crispy” quality that is essential for club-play, and the sound truly stands out. What I appreciated the most was the communication and collaboration throughout the process. The engineers at Audio Animals London listened to my preferences and vision for the music, incorporating their expertise to enhance the overall impact. They were receptive to feedback and delivered the final mastered tracks in a timely manner. If you’re looking for a mastering service that takes your music to the next level, I wholeheartedly recommend Audio Animals London. Their dedication to quality and their remarkable studio setup ensure that your tracks will shine with a professional edge. I couldn’t be happier with the results, and I will definitely be returning for future projects!Big thanks to the team at Audio Animals London for an exceptional experience. Keep up the fantastic work!”

Vibe Me To The Moon record / Nightsteppaz

“Audio Animals did an amazing job mixing and mastering my single! making it sound ready for radio play! I recommend them to any high level artists who want their music to sound top notch.”

Vending Machine

“What can I say….it does exactly what it says on the tin animalistic vibey stealthy service as per! Some things in life ya can’t cut corners with! Big up”

Jason Hepworth

“This is the fourth time so far I’ve used Audio Animals to master my tracks. Always helpful, quick reply on my e-mails if I’ve any questions and just can’t fault them….I HIGHLY recommend them and will always use them in the future.”

William Elliott

“First time going with Audio Animals and I am HIGHLY satisfied! Big, Fat, Juicy masters is what I asked for and Big, Fat, Juicy masters is what I got! Definitely gonna use you guys again!”

The Company

“Dolby Atmos has changed the way I experience my hip-hop. Beautiful render taking us to the next level!! Audio Animals good looks!”

Geoffroy Gagnon

“First time going through this studio, the communication and reach of the crew here was fantastic. Very professional, and quick to respond. Their work speaks for itself they have many amazing clients under their belt and I can see why. The mix and master provided was great. I highly recommend them.”

James f Brown III

“Plain and Simple, Audio Animals are the best. Great prices, great work, great turn around time, and most importantly super nice. I have been going to them for many years now, and they always do fantastic work.”


“My first professional mastering and delighted with the great work of Audio Animals. Quick and very good work. I will work with them again. 10/10.”

Joseph Rowell

“Big thank you to Audio Animals for a sterling job of mastering my new release (Holy Fire) so nicely balanced and kept the warmth and feel of my artist signature intact. This release was of particularly importance as it involved several collaborations of other artists and was set for panel review with BBC Uploader for Radio 1 & Radio 3 North East. I will only come to Audio Animals when I know the project requires next level care and professionalism.”


“Audio animals are the best in the game, high end mixing and mastering technique. Highly recommended.”

Tony Townsend

“I’m in a band (Infinite Wayans) and have a solo project (Tonedeft) which are vastly different in genres. For both projects, we have been sending our files out to Audio Animals to be mixed and mastered and have been very happy with the masters which have been returned. Paul Ashmore is who has worked on all of our files and I have been very happy with not only his work, but also his communication and professionalism. I would highly recommend Paul and Audio Animals for all of your mixing and/or mastering needs.”

Joe Mirelli

“Great quality, amazing service. Highly recommend!!”

Jörg Backhaus

“Great Work !!! I am more than happy with the master.”

Ash Hall

“Audio Animals are a fantastic company to work with. Incredible quality masters, outstanding customer service and very fairly priced. They’re now my go to mastering studio!”


“Paul makes my song incredible, it was a 10 years ago I produced this song and is now sound like 2023, I’m over the moon and I will definitely master all my song in the future with them. Congratulations and thank you. I can’t wait to master more projects with them.”

Oliver Went

“I’d like to thank the guys at Audio Animals very much for truly bringing my track to life by doing an incredible mastering job on it. This was the first song I had fully completed in my home studio and I initially approached them to ask for their free evaluation of my mix. They then came back to me with the reassurance I needed to know that my track was ready for mastering. Only a week later, I received back the master and the song packs even more punch than I could ever have imagined. Will definitely be asking these guys again to master future tracks of mine!”

Kosta Lois

“I have to say that Nick Burchall has one of the best ears in the entire record business for mastering. He’s definitely become my go to guy! He takes what I give him and puts the final polish on it – also he’s always right on time for all of my deadlines and easy to work with!!!”

Matías Gonzalez

“I’m extremely satisfied with the service that Audio Animals provided for me. Excellent response , excellent communication and overall they truly understood what was I trying to accomplish. The quality of mixing and mastering truly took my song to the next level. They even sent me a streaming master that is optimised for streaming purposes. I’ll definitely keep on working with them”

Ashton Dublin

“This turned out great! I knew I was gonna be impressed but this surpassed my expectations!! I gave a rough outline of what I was looking for and the guys nailed it straight away. I will be working with Audio Animals again very soon!”

Divye Sharma

“You guys did a brilliant job on my atmos master for my song “Eclipse (Hanz zimmer strings)”, I can’t thank you enough.”

Leon Flames

“Wow!!!! It is absolutely perfect Nick!!! That sounds exactly as I dreamt if not better. You really brought everything out, it was smooth yet powerful, the beat knocked, the vocals were even cleaner and the melodies weaved in and out amazingly. I will definitely be getting my entire album mastered by yourself and put Audio Animals Studios in the credits etc. thank you for your great work and for taking care of my art with a high level of professionalism and passion.”

Robin Gissendanner

“All I can say is that you took my music on a frequency that levelled it up, 10 times better. I am very please! I can’t stop listening to it. The sound is so crisp and clear it vibrates on its own level. I will be recommending you. Thank you.”

Teophiel Oriteo Weston

“They do an awesome job every time, they are professional, transparent, and by far my favourite choice when it comes to getting my mastering done. I would highly recommend Audio Animals to any one looking for mixing/mastering, their work speaks for itself.”

Peter Ormerod

“I just wanted to thank you for doing such a brilliant job with my music. I hadn’t had my work professionally mastered before. Not only did it make a massive difference to the breadth, depth and clarity of the sound, but the whole experience was so much more straightforward and affordable than I expected. I’ll have no hesitation in recommending Audio Animals to others, whatever level they’re working at. Thank you!”

Drew P

“It was great working with Paul, He’s very knowledgeable in mixing and has a ton of patience, He made sure that I was completely satisfied with the end result, before rendering the final mix version. Can’t wait to collaborate on some new songs! Thank You Audio Animals!”


“I had a great experience working with Audio Animals. They gave some tips and some feedback on how to better my mix and then did a great job mastering my EP of four tracks.”


“Although I was not 100% sure of the mix I sent, Nick’s stem mastering sounded clear, warm, punchy and well balanced. My track couldn’t have been in better hands. Top engineers, outstanding results. Definitely I’ll be working with Audio Animals again!”

Iwan Raz

“Nick and Paul are amazing audio engineers and I can truly recommend their service to anyone who’s looking for a high quality mixing and mastering service.”


“Top Quality Service, great sounding warm master, will definitely be working with the Audio Animals guys again!”

Steve aka They Made Monsters

“I had a great experience with Audio Animals for a recent mastering job. Fast turnaround, great communication and a super lush sound coming from that awesome studio equipment they use. Thanks for your pro attitude and skilful work Nick.”

Bryan Tolley

“I really like the mastering job Nick did. It sounded like he pulled the blanket off my speakers. Now I’m hearing the smooth clarity I was missing in my mix!”

Andy Eff

“After many months in the studio I sent my mix to Nick and within a few days the track had reached another level, absolutely awesome work and will be back again.”


“Yh! It’s awesome, genuine products. I’m satisfied with it and very much proud of it. In future I’m looking forward to ordering more, thank you.”

Daniel Goldstone

“The results I got from sending my track to Audio Animals was better than I could have imagined. the nature of how you want your track to sound is something they take on board with a lot of care as well. I would highly recommend!”

Antonio Ferro

“Excellent work, I love the sound of my mixes, my music sound now its professional, thank you very mucho!!!”

Bertist Jeffers

“I just saw the ad came up on my Instagram and figured I’d give it to a shot. I have mastered 19 songs and only one time I asked for a revision because all in all my song went from good to great. I’m serious these guys are professionals!”

Shane Hughes

“Yet another brilliant master provided by Paul Ashmore. The work of Audio Animals is always of the highest quality and we use the services without hesitation. Fast service, good comms, well priced and a great sound at the end of it all! Cheers guys!”

Lokesh Bakshi

“Another stunning master by Paul , brings out the best ! Highly recommended.”


“Professionalism and seriousness. I recommend 100% AUDIO ANIMALS!”


“Thanks so much for the great work. Am a happy client. Have been working with you guys for some time and never regretted anything, thanks thanks thanks”

Awen Records

“Awen Records seeks to work and collaborate with the best professionals in the electronic music industry, we consider that Audio Animals is part of this vision, Their way of working is always punctual and very professional, In addition, they always listen to us and try to fulfill our demands, They are true experts in sound and have the right equipment to meet the needs of the industry.”

Andrew Poirier

“First time using these guys. Nick produced 4 Incredible masters for me. This is exactly what I was looking for as a finished product. I’ve tried everything from online mastering websites to trying to master myself. I’ve used multiple different mastering engineers and this is the end of the line for me. If you want your tracks to be professionally mastered go see nick end of story.”

Rajiv Kumar Lal

“Really amazing product. Outstanding sound. Brilliant service and easy to talk to the team good advice very understanding to your needs. Highly recommend. Will definitely be using again.”

Nick Hansinger

“What a difference! I’m so grateful for the work and expertise of Audio Animals. The free mix assessment was much appreciated and very helpful to give me a benchmark for future projects as well. Thank you for everything!”

Eamon O’Kane

“I have used many mastering houses (around the world) over the years but I keep returning to Audio Animals. The guys do great work, always the best sounding masters. Thx Guys!”


“One of the best masters we’ve received to date! Basses, Eq’s, everything sitting very well. Top notch!”

HN Music

“Audio Animals is always a must for me!!!! always on point and very professional. The quality is outstanding and they make my music sound better.”

Alex Vladimir

“These guys are awesome! They helped me with my mix and also the mastered song sounds amazing! Thank you guys!”

Eivin Tobias Mogård

“Great service! The master came back really solid and nice, love it!”

Robert Horvath

“We were looking for an experienced mastering engineer for our debut album. Paul of Audio Animals Ltd. appeared to be the right one and he did not fail us at all. He delivered an extraordinary and breathtaking result. Our Album has been lifted to the next level and we are extremely happy. Highly recommendable and we will return.”


“I absolutely love Audio Animals. They’re very considerate and deliver an amazing job. They’re my go to studio for mastering services and I recommend them to my fellow musicians all the time.”


“Sounds superb! I am surprised more dnb/jungle producers have not recommended Audio Animals to me, as I am use to paying 3x the price for an analog master of this quality that arrives twice as slowly. My master is deep, clean and harmonically/dynamically set in a way I could not achieve on my own!”

Gavin Smith

“I have used Audio Animals a few times now and I do not think I will ever go anywhere else for mastering. The service I receive has been exceptional every time. I always try to make my mixes as crisp as possible before I send my tracks across but I am always blown away when the master comes back.”


“After hearing the before and after versions of Nicky Havey’s remix to my track, I decided to try out Audio Animals mastering service.  A few days later I received a very polished version of my track back, with some additional energy I hadn’t even realised was there.  Very professional service, that I will use again and recommend to others.”

Iliya Zaki

“The work on Desert Prince took it to a whole new level. Incredible quality by Audio Animals! This is the 2nd Single that I have sent for mastering and there is no one else that I would like working on my music than these guys. 5 more Singles and a full-length album due for release this year and it will probably be mastered by Audio Animals.”

Michael S. Carpenter

“I contacted Audio Animals after searching online for a UK-based studio to mix and master my latest album. I was impressed by their website, and their promise to do whatever it took to make me happy with my mixes. Many other sites only offer a limited number of revisions. Uploading my tracks was easy and in no time at all, I was presented with the first set of mixes. Paul allowed me as much time as I need to make comprehensive notes and worked with me to put my material into shape, making me feel like I was always his top priority. Eventually (more than two revisions later), he had my tracks sounding every bit as professional and polished as anything you can get, short of sitting in Studio Two at Abbey Road (and even then!). *Everyone* who has heard my album has been amazed at how good it sounds. I cannot thank Paul enough for his time, experience and attention to detail. Hopefully this will only be the first project we work on together. If you’re reading this review, you’re obviously looking for a studio just like I was. Don’t waste another minute going anywhere else. I certainly won’t be anymore. Audio Animals is the real deal.”

Ion Petre Marinescu

“Working with you guys turned out to be great! I had to take the leap of faith of paying upfront for a service from a provider I only learned about from a Facebook ad, after listening to demos on the website, and I am definitely glad I did. The mix and master turned out to be great, considering that the song you guys worked for me is not necessarily mainstream EDM, produced with a lot of real instruments, samples and VSTs and has a “mood” changes it was amazing for me that the mix came through extremely close to what I had in mind and there was no need for real revisions, and final quality is industry standard to say the least. I am convinced, I will recommend you to all my fellow musicians, and will come back for the rest of the album.”

Jamie Collomb

“I’ve used Audio Animals mastering service quite a few times and every time I send them files to master I am more and more pleased with the results. Back in 2013, Audio Animals mastered a collection of tunes that I needed in a short amount of time. They were able to meet the strict deadline I had and delivered excellent sounding tunes for me to play that night at the club. I am currently in the process of finishing an album and so far the two tunes that I sent them to master are so great that I literally can hear the “shine” on the tunes. Nick and Paul are brilliant engineers with great gear and attitudes. I always appreciate the professional demeanour they show me every time I speak with them. I am a very happy customer that constantly spreads the word of the quality services AA has to offer. Thanks again Audio Animals! You rock!”

Mauro Schembri

“Very good and professional workers! Delivery of the track in time and awesome job on mastering!”


“I always had the problem with my vocals sounding very tinny or strange when I mastered my songs myself. So I was really surprised how clear my vocals sound on the Audio Aanimals master. Also the bass and the synths have a very rich sound. Love it..”

David Sutherland

“The equipment I use is the best I can afford which is low budget, I initially thought because of this it would make me unable to make a rough mix good enough for anyone in the world to interpret as I intended, but Audio Animals have managed. Some of the programmed stuff from VST needed some life, it’s a bit bland straight from the VST, and it’s there in the Audio Animals end product, nice one.”

Ari Kapanen

“I thought that I was a good mixing engineer, but after I got mixing and mastering, that Audio Animals had done, I did not think so anymore. They did the perfect job. I tried to find something to change, but I did not find anything. Audio Animals worked quickly and their communication was fine. I think Audio Animals are a very professional company.”

James F Brown III

“Wow. I just love Nick and Paul and Audio Animals. I have used them for several of my projects, and every time, they deliver some of the best, highest quality masters I could ever imagine. The prices are always very fair, their turnaround is quick, and damnit I just love them. Can’t stress enough how much Audio Animals means to me and my music. without them I’m nothing!”

Justin Freeman

“Audio Animals did an outstanding job on my master. I asked for a mix review before I sent it in. They gave me three things I could improve on that would help it out in mastering. I followed the advice and it came out fantastic! So happy with the track!”

Terence Ogden

“What a difference a song sounds when you let the pro’s do their job. My track “LAZY WITH LOVE” is sounding fantastic…. Thank you, I’ll be in touch soon with another track.”

Mike Mawe

“Once again Audio Animals have done an outstanding job of mastering one of my tracks, I couldn’t be happier with what they’ve done for me. I look forward to using them again in the near future. If you’re considering using them, don’t hesitate, you won’t be disappointed.”

Rob Relay

“Nick has done an incredible job! I normally chuck a lot into a mix but this one was very sparse. The extra character and control is really impressive and the drums sound chunky beyond what I could of imagined. Vocal sounds heavy and always cuts through. Perfect!”

Paul Martin

“Been using Audio Animals for years and the service and results are always to the highest quality.


“Paul, i just want to thank you for all the hard work you have put into my songs thus far, i listened to them on the way home from work today, and you added such flavor and spice to it. I am forever grateful man. You really gave my songs a professional and perfect sound.”

Deep Matta

“I have been getting my songs mastered from Audio Animals from last couple of years and they have done a phenomenal job to get me the exact sound I expected. This the first time I tried the mixing services as well and they did wonderful work to deliver an awesome mix. Will highly recommend for mixing and mastering. Cheers guys and thank you!”

Ben Ashdown

“This is the first time I have tried Audio Animals and I have to say I am very impressed! I used the priority service because I was in a hurry to release, I received the mastered version back well within the 24 hour window and the results were exceptional. If I had have had to go back for a remaster, it would be because of my mix, as the mastering job really did “work the magic. Nick, the mastering engineer, really has seemed to have understood the music, as a genre and as a sonic experience. The result is better than I anticipated! I’m a very happy customer and I shall be asking Audio Animals to master my future recordings. Great job!”

Positive Vibes

“The best mastering service I have ever experienced. Couldn’t speak more highly of the Audio Animals team!”


“Audio Animals is an absolute must for any producer looking for that cutting edge sound. Most professional, most flexible and most attentive engineers around. Analog is no doubt the way to go and AA has the gear to do it. Top notch. Once you purchase, you will continue to go through them for your future tracks. You need a mix engineer to take the track that extra 10%-15%. These guys are the most patient and knowledgeable crew to work with. I highly suggest you put them on your side in any style and genre you create. They will push your music to that professional level you are seeking. The turnaround it quick. The advise is wise and the the finish is polished.”

Robert Owen

“You have opened my eyes to what is possible. I always knew my tracks were lacking something, I just didn’t know what. Now I know all I need is a professional mix engineer to take my music to the next level. Thank you guys you have really shown me the light.”


“You guys do such an amazing job every time. Love the fact I can just send a track in to you guys and I know it’s in capable hands. Incredible customer service and communication throughout the process. Track sounds fantastic so much love for what you do”

 Daniel Stephenson

“Thanks for all your great work as usual. These fully mixed and mastered versions sound immense. I think this song could do big things.”


“Thanks for the mastering of our tracks. We’re very pleased with the result! Sounds very good. We’ll be sure to contact you in the future if we need more tracks done.”


“Can’t recommend Audio Animals enough!! Friendly, helpful and top quality service all round! Will definitely be coming back!”


“This is so far beyond anything I could hope to achieve and love the result.  Also really appreciate the prompt and articulate communication.”


“Fantastic, absolutely perfect! Well done on this one. I really hated this track, it was one of those never ending projects but now I have a love for it again.”

Jose Carlos Tapiador

“I have to say that I really like your work. Honestly, I was not even very sure about the track itself but now with your mastering it is another track and it is much better.”

Mark Evans

“The mix is really great. Thanks!!! Thanks for the great mix and master. Sounds much better… The accapella and backing versions were also a welcome bonus. We will be using this service for another track very shortly.”


“Got my first ever mastering of one of my own mixes with Audio Animals. Cannot believe how much better it sounds. It’s just ironed out the mix and made it ready to be put on show. Nothing but compliments for the work they have done. I’ll be back for more!”

Jon Nelson

“I have just had my first track mastered by Audio Animals and on top of the AWESOME master I received, the communication was superb! Audio Animals (Nick) made every effort to make sure that I was 100% happy with the end product. You could easily spend £200 with a different mastering company achieving the same result as you would get from these guys for just £30! Highly recommended!”


“I never thought that its possible to improve the Quality of my track as much as these guys are doing it.! Nick has mastered several tracks for me the past weeks, and I can only say that this is absolutely great work, and superb service. Great & friendly communication, and always helpful if anything needs to be modified. I can fully recommend the Stem Mastering, and working with Audio Animals!”

Mihai Sarlea

“I am left speechless! My feet are shaking and my guitar player buddy is shedding a few tears… other than that, it’s all good! Thank you so much for your work! I really feel like you took our track to the next level! I will forever master my music at Audio Animals! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!”


“Wow, what can I say about these chaps other than they are masters of their craft. Brilliant service and I’m very pleased with what they gave back to me. Five stars!”

David Luis Ortega

“Nick and Audio Animals did a fantastic job mastering my album Velvet Animals. The tracks were sonically difficult to manage and there was a wide range of dynamic range across the album. Nick managed to make everything sound great. I highly recommend Audio Animals for your mastering needs!”

Robert Ford

“Paul did a great job mixing our track, giving it that certain quality that was missing from my own mix…we’ll be back to Audio Animals for our next track.”


“Just received my master back from The Audio Animals and along with the 3 other masters i have had done by them its sounds excellent it just sounds so much more fuller and dynamic and professional and cuts right though in the mix. Anyone looking for mixing or mastering services should look no further you just cant beat the swift professional polite service these guys offer not to mention the absolute incredible value for money for a service that would cost a lot lot more anywhere else and you will just not get the same quality because of the thousands of pounds worth of hardware signal chain that your track will get mastered through. This is my 4th master i have had done by The Audio Animals and i am looking forward to getting all the rest of my future premasters over thanks to all at THE AUDIO ANIMALS.” 

Grey Wolves Grin

“We’d also like to thank Audio Animals Ltd. for sprinkling that magical mastering dust over the album, they are absolutely brilliant and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for production!”

Scott Carlton

“Third time using these animals now and so far have been very impressed by the mastering work they have done on our tracks for Glasgow band Kardo. We will be continuing to using Audio Animals to master our future releases as they clearly know what they are doing.”