The Audio Animals studios are equipped with some of the industries most sought after analogue equipment money can buy. The studio complex consists of 3 studios. A stereo and Dolby Atmos mastering studio including a state of the art A class mastering chain, Dolby Atmos 9.1.4 mixing and mastering studio and a smaller stereo mastering studio used for long play mastering such as podcasts and live shows. 

Studio A is run by Nick Burchall, Audio Animals lead mastering engineer. Studio B the Dolby Atmos mixing & mastering studio is run by Paul Ashmore, Audio Animals primary mixing and mastering engineer.


  • UnFairchild 670m mkII
  • Elysia Alpha Compressor
  • Shadow Hills Optograph Compressor
  • 2x Hum Audio LAAL
  • 2x Elysia Nvelope
  • Maselec MLA-3
  • Maselec MPL-2
  • Bettermaker Darthlimiter
  • SPL Iron
  • Wes Audio NG Bus Comp


  • 2x Hendy Amps Michelangelo XL
  • Maselec MEA-2
  • 2x Buzz Audio REQ 2.2
  • 2x AudioTales Designs 1951 ME EQ
  • 2x AudioTales Designs 1954 EQ
  • Dangerous Music BAX
  • 2x Goly Porter Grinder EQ
  • 2x Goly 4 Band Dynamic EQ
  • 2x Goly Dynamic Shelving EQ
  • SPL PQ
  • Vertigo VSE-2
  • 3x Cranborne Audio Carnaby HE2


  • Whitestone Audio P331
  • Vertigo VSM-2
  • 2x Rupert Neve MBT
  • 2x SPL Gemini
  • Black Box Analog Design HG-2
  • McDSP APB8


  • 2x Ex Machina Arcturus
  • Ex Machina Quasar
  • 8x Ex Machina Titan
  • 2x Ex Machina Pulsar
  • 4x PMC Ci30
  • 4x PMC Ci65
  • 5x PMC Ci140
  • 2x PMC Ci140 Sub


  • 4 Foot Avid S4
  • 2x Avid S4 Fader Modules
  • Avid S4 Master Module
  • 2x Avid Dock
  • SSL UC1


  • 2x Avid MTRX Studio
  • 2x Burl B2 Bomber ADC
  • 2x Burl B2 Bomber DAC
  • SPL Hermes
  • Flock Audio Patch
  • Trinnov MC-Pro Dante 12
  • Trinnov MC-Pro 16
  • Trinnov ST2 Pro
  • Martin Logan MDA16
  • Martin Logan MDA8
  • Rupert Neve RNHP
  • UAD Apollo Solo
  • Lynx Aurora N
  • SPL Phonitor 2


  • Universal Audio Octo Satellite
  • Universal Audio Octo PCIe
  • Universal Audio Quad PCIe


  • 2x Audeze LCD-X
  • Beyerdynamic DT-990