If you are a client of Audio Animals and unsure if your song is the best it can possibly be. Have our professional mix engineer listen to your song and give you advice on any changes that are fundamentally wrong with the mix and will achieve a better end result.

We offer this service to our clients free of charge because we feel it is important for all artists big and small to have access to professional honest advice. Such advice is hard to find and highly valued within most musical circles. 


Our clients can request a free mix evaluation by filling out the form below. Please bear in mind that the advice we give is based on correcting errors in your mix that are fundamentally wrong and should be changed in order to achieve the best possible mix. We will not advise on any production changes or personal mix choices as this is highly subjective and ultimately your choice as the producer and songwriter. If you do however want advice on anything in particular, please leave a comment in the “Your Message” field.


This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


Do I Have To Be A Client?

Yes, this service is strictly for Audio Animals clients only. If you do not intend to have your song mixed and or mastered by Audio Animals this service can not be used. A mix evaluation is supplied to our clients as a way of ensuring their music is ready to be worked on prior to us working on it.

What Is My Order Number?

When you place your order for mixing and or mastering you will receive an order number. We require this order number for your mix evaluation so that we can confirm that you are a client with an active order processing.

Do I Have To Place An Order First?

Yes, by ensuring all submissions for mix evaluations are by clients who have active orders processing with us, we are able to establish instantly who is a genuine client and who is not. If you do not have an active order you can submit a mix evaluation without adding an order number. However we will create dialogue with you via email to check you have the intention of becoming a client of Audio Animals before listening to your song. It is important that our time is spent working with our clients in efficient manner.

What Exactly Do You Evaluate?

We listen to your song in detail and establish if there are any fundamental errors in the mix that need to be addressed before your song can be mastered. We do not give advice on production as this is subjective and down to personal preference. We do however advise you on fundamental changes that should be made in order to achieve a better mix.

Does My Song Need To Be Finished?

Yes your song should be finished and in it’s final state ready for mixing or mastering.

Can I Submit More Than One Song?

Yes you can submit as many songs as you need to be mixed or mastered.

How Long Does It Take?

For clients who add their order number and have an active order processing with us, we aim to perform all mix evaluations the next working day. If you do not have an active order processing with us and can not supply an order number with your mix evaluation, you will be put into a queue. Our paying clients must always come first over potential clients who have not yet paid for the service.

Why Should I Get My Mix Evaluated?

There are many reasons. The number one reason is that it is very helpful for you to have a professional pair of ears listen to your music and advise you on fundamental errors in your mix before mastering. We are monitoring in a state of the art Dolby Atmos studio that is one of the most accurate rooms in the UK. What we hear in this room is 100% accurate to how the song sounds. We will hear things you wouldn’t necessarily hear in your studio. Listening to your music from a fresh perspective for the first time, we will instantly pick up on things you won’t because you have listened to the song on repeat a thousand times.

Can I Send A Stream Link?

No, we do not want you to send a link to sites like Soundcloud as the audio streams are very low quality. We need to be able to download the files in full quality and import them into a session to visually see the waveform and analyse the audio.

How Can I Send You Files?

You can upload your files to a file sharing website such as Dropbox, WeTransfer or Hightail and paste the download link into the submission form. Please make sure you send the mix and not the master. We want to hear your finished mix that you are planning on sending us for mastering.