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Audio Animals Studio Equipment

Below is a list of equipment we use here at Audio Animals Studio. We have spent many years collecting the equipment we use and are self confessed “Gearslutz”. Our hardware ranges from analogue heavy weights Solid State Logic, Shadow Hills, Neve and Maselec, to synthesizers ranging from Moog, Korg and Access Virus. When “mixing down in the box”, we offload all plugins to DSP and make use of the great plugins Universal Audio have provided via the UAD Octo and Quad Pcie Cards, with names such as Neve, Ampex, Manley, API and Trident to name a few. We are always looking to improve our setup and have just added a new pair of ATC monitors, Dangerous Bax Eq, Maselec Peak Limiter, Elysia Xpressor, SPL Twintube, Kush Audio Klariphonic EQ and an SSL G Series Bus Compressor.

  • SSL Nucleus
  • SSL Alpha link Madi-AX (AD/DA Convertor)
  • SSL Madi Xtreame 128 Io Pcie Card
  • SSL 36 Channel Summing Mixer
  • SSL X Rack 16 Channel Summing Mixer
  • SSL X Desk 20 Channel Summing Mixer
  • SSL X Rack G Series Stereo Bus Compressor
  • 2x SSL X-Rack 9k E+G Series Stereo EQ
  • 2x SSL X-Rack 9k E+G Series Mono EQ
  • 2x SSL X-Rack 9k E+G Series Stereo Compressor
  • 2x SSL X-Rack 9k E+G Series Mono Compressor
  • 2x SSL X-Rack 4k E Series Mono EQ
  • 2x SSL X-Rack 4k E Series Mono Compressor
  • 2x SSL Super Analogue Mono Mic Pre
  • 4x SSL X-Logic Alpha VHD Pres

  • Technics Electric Piano
  • Moog Voyager XL
  • Korg MS-20
  • Moog Minitaur
  • Arturia Minibrute
  • Doepfer Dark Energy
  • Access Virus TI Snow
  • Roland Integra-7
  • Arturia Analogue Factory
  • Novation Impulse 61
  • Complete East West Sample Library
  • Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate
  • Signal And Rev

  • 4x SSL X-Logic Alpha VHD Mono Mic Pres
  • 2x SSL Super Analogue Mono Mic Pre
  • Focusrite ISA One Mono Mic Pre / Di

  • Dangerous Music Bax Stereo EQ
  • 2x Kush Audio Klariphonic Mono EQ
  • 2x Maag EQ4 Stereo EQ
  • Elysia Xfilter 500 Stereo EQ
  • 2x Little Labs Vog Mono EQ
  • 2x SSL X-Rack 9k E+G Series Stereo EQ
  • 2x SSL X-Rack 9k E+G Series Mono EQ
  • 2x SSL X-Rack 4k E Series Mono EQ
  • SPL Vitalizer MK2
  • 2x Neve 452 Mono Tape Saturation
  • SPL Twintube Tube Saturation

  • Maselec MLA-3 Multiband Stereo Compressor
  • Maselec MPL-2 Peak Stereo Limiter
  • Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph Stereo Compressor
  • SSL X Rack G Series Stereo Bus Compressor
  • 2x SSL X-Rack  9k E+G Series Stereo Compressor
  • 2x SSL X-Rack  9k E+G Series Mono Compressor
  • 2x SSL X-Rack 4k E Series Mono Compressor
  • Elysia Xpressor 500 Stereo Compressor
  • Elysia Nvelope 500 Stereo Transient Designer
  • 1176 Limiter Clone

  • Moogerfooger MF-104
  • Moogerfooger MF-104z

  • SSL Nucleus Daw Controller
  • SSL Alpha link Madi-AX (AD/DA Convertor)
  • SSL Madi Xtreame 128 Io Pcie Card
  • SSL X Rack 16 Channel Summing Mixer
  • SSL X Desk 20 Channel Summing Mixer
  • ESI M8U XL 8in/8out USB 2.0 MIDI Interface
  • 4x DBX PB-48 Patchbay
  • 3x Bantam Patchbays

  • Fostex 16 Track B-16
  • Sony Tc 377
  • Akai 1721 L

  • ATC SCM20A SL PRO Monitors
  • Adam A7X Monitors
  • Alesis M1 Active MK2 Monitors
  • KAM IMS Series IMS-12 MK2 PA Speakers
  • MT MTA-800 PA Amp
  • 2x Beyerdynamic DT990 Headphones
  • Beyerdynamic DT250 Headphones
  • Sennheiser HD25 Headphones

  • 2x Novatech i7 32gb
  • Synergy Quad Core Pc – Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
  • Apple Macbook Pro – OSX 10.8.2 Mountain Lion

  • UAD Octo PCIE Card
  • UAD Quad PCIE Card
  • UAD Apollo Quad Interface

  • Moogerfooger MF-101 (Lowpass)
  • Moogerfooger MF-102 (Ringmod)
  • Moogerfooger MF-103 (Phaser)
  • Moogerfooger MF-104 (Delay)
  • Moogerfooger MF-104z (Delay)

  • Oktavamod Hulk 990 Condenser Mic
  • 2x Karma Condenser Mics
  • Rode NT1000 Condenser Mic
  • Shure SM-57 Dynamic Mic
  • Zoom H6 Field Recorder
  • Zoom SGH-6 Shotgun Mic
  • Zoom SSH-6 Shotgun Mic
  • Zoom H4N Field Recorder

  • Taylor Acoustic Guitar 214CE
  • Yamaha Pacifica Electric Guitar
  • Nylon String Classical Guitar
  • Roland Cube 30X
  • Stagg 10″ Splash
  • Paiste 10″ Splash
  • Unbranded 10″ Splash
  • Paiste 14″ Thin Crash
  • Zildjian ZBT 14″ Rock Hi Hats
  • Zildjian ZBT 14″ Hi Hats
  • Solar 14″ Hi Hats
  • Unbranded 16″ Crash
  • Unbranded 18″ Crash
  • Zildjian Schmitar 18″ Crash / Ride
  • Zildjian A Custom 18″ Crash
  • Solar 20″ Ride
  • 6x Djenbee Drums
  • 4x Bongo Drums
  • Kajon
  • Clarinet
  • Rogers R 360 Snare Drum
  • Premier Snare Drum
  • Tama Rockstar Snare Drum
  • Gretsch Catalina Club Snare Drum
  • Yamaha Wood Shell Snare Drum
  • Tama Swingstar Snare Drum
  • 12″ Snare Drum
  • 12″ Jungle Snare Drum

  • IXL Spectrum Analyser (Inspector XL)
  • Universal Audio Plugins ( All Plugins )
  • East West ( All Software And Sample Packs )
  • Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate 10 ( All Software And Sample Packs )

  • 4x Auralex MoPads
  • 2x KAM PA Speaker Stands
  • Acoustic Treatment And Tiles
  • 4 Auralex Bass Traps
  • 5 Custom Bass Traps

  • 1x Allen Heath Xone:92 Mixer
  • 1x Stanton STR8.150 Direct Drive Turntable
  • 2x Stanton T.120 Direct Drive Turntable
  • CDJ 1000 MK2
  • Sennheiser HD25 Headphones
  • KAM IMS Series 500 Watt PA Speakers

  • 3x Lilliput Touch Screen Mastering Monitors
  • Arturia 32 Note Midi Controller
  • Edirol PCR-50 Midi Controller Keyboard
  • Various Microphone Stands and Shock Mounts
  • Various Keyboard Stands
  • 2x Logic Digidesign Protools Keyboard

Audio Animals Mixing and Mastering Studio

ATC-SCM20ASL-mk2  Adam-A7X

ATC SCM20ASL Mk 2 monitors are world renowned as some of the best monitors money can buy. We chose to go with ATC for many reasons. With a reputation for quality and clarity known throughout the industry as well as the fact we have used ATC monitors in various high end studio’s and know them well.

Adam A7X monitors are great reference monitors for all genres of music. We use these monitors with our production setup while using the ATC’s for mixing and mastering. We will use the Adams to reference our mixes before sending to a client. This is essential in ensuring that mixes translate across various monitors.

SSL-Nucleus-DAW-Controller  Solid-State-Logic-X-Desk

Solid State Logic Nucleus is a DAW controller like no other. Offering not only precise DAW control within Protools and on board IO. The Nucleus also boasts two high end SSL super analogue mic pre-amps, which carry all the same characteristics and control of the original super analogue mic pre-amps found in the duality and AWS consoles.

Solid State Logic X-Desk has a total of 20 analogue summing channels. 8 channel line inputs, 8 channel summing inputs and 2 stereo summing channels for fx returns. The master section on the X-Desk works in the same way all other SSL consoles work. Audio is summed to the master section where it can be monitored and an insert can be applied for master bus processing. This makes the X-Desk the perfect centre console for our analogue studio.

SSL-Alpha-Link-Madi-Ax  UAD-Apollo-Quad

Solid State Logic Alpha Link Madi AX is a high quality analogue to digital digital to analogue converter. Converting up to 48  channels of analogue audio and 24 channels of digital audio. This interface is perfect for our 36 channel Solid State Logic console. Offering high end conversion from DAW to outboard audio equipment and back again. By using such high end analogue conversion we are able to get the very best quality from our high end audio equipment.

Universal Audio Apollo Quad Interface is one of the best interfaces you will find on the market. Not only is it a high end interface it is also a DSP powered powerhouse. High end UAD emulations allow zero latency plugin emulation to the highest degree. Purchasing the UAD Apollo was an obvious choice for us. We own every plugin UAD have to offer which means we are able to use a whole host of eq’s, compressors and special processing.

SSL-G-Series-Bus-Compressor  Solid-State-Logic-Summing-Mixer

Solid State Logic G Series Bus Compressor is quite simply one of the most renowned bus compressors in the industry. Known for its glue like quality, the G Series will glue a mix together adding control and punch to any bus. We use the G Series Bus Compressor a great deal when mixing across our drum bus. The G Series Bus Compressor can also be found in both the Duality and AWS consoles.

Solid State Logic Summing Mixer is an expansion on the X-Desk adding an additional 16 channels of summing. This adds a total of 36 channels of summing in our SSL console. Channels 1-2 and 3-4 can be used to send audio to analogue eq’s and compressors via inserts. The SSL summing modules use the same summing characteristics as other larger SSL consoles such as the Duality and AWS consoles.

SSL-E-Series-Channel-Strip  SSL-E+G-Series-Channel-Strips

Solid State Logic E Series Channel Strips combine both black and brown eq types in one module as well as the unique eq and compression found in the E Series consoles. The E Series eq and compressors are unique in every way. Precise eq and compression over two mono channels.

Solid State Logic E+G Series Channel Strips combine both E and G Series eq. Having the option to switch before these two eq types within the same eq makes choosing the correct eq type for the sound easily obtainable. These eq and compressors can be found in the larger SSL consoles such as the Duality and AWS. We currently have two stereo eqs and compressors and 2 mono eqs and compressors. This enables us with the perfect combination of mono and stereo channels for processing all types of stems accurately.

Maselec-MPL-2-Limiter  Maselec-MLA-3-Multiband-Compressor

Maselec MPL-2 Peak / HF Limiter is a hard peak limiter combined with a high frequency limiter. This unit is designed for mastering but can also be used within the mix for taming high frequencies in a drum mix or vocal mix. The advantage to having a mixing and mastering hybrid studio is that we can use mastering gear such as the Maselec MPL-2 within the mixing stage. Many mix engineers will not have such high performance gear in their mixing chains. This limiter is by far one of the best in the business and with the additional property of a de-esser makes it the perfect mastering tool for peak limiting and de-essing harsh high frequencies in the mix.

Maselec MLA-3 Multiband Compressor is by far one of the best if not the best multiband mastering compressors ever made. With 3 bands of pin point accurate compression control, this mastering compressor is a must have in all top mastering studios. We will use this as our main compressor when mastering for the simple reason of how detailed and controlled it is.

Shadow-Hills-Dual-Vandergraph  Rupert-Neve-Portico-542-Tape-Saturation

Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph Compressor has a legendary status for many reason. These high quality compressors are not cheap. Ranging from £1300 – £6000 the Shadow Hills compressors are serious high end gear only found in the most successful of studios. The Dual Vandergraph is a simple unit which has one simple function, to compress audio signal with pin point accuracy. We will use this compressor over the master bus in certain tracks as well as being one of our go to vocal compressors. Never before have I heard a vocal be so compressed yet never fell as though it been compressed. One of the best compressors we have ever heard.

Rupert Neve 542 Tape Saturation is nothing short of pure excellence. Hosting Rupert Neve’s silk red and silk blue texture control, adding beautiful second and third harmonics to any audio source. The tape emulation and saturation replicated a true reel to reel sound. The Neve 542 increases fullness in the low end and gives any mix a sense of warmth and analogue tone, otherwise lost in many digital mixes and productions. This unique piece of gear is very important to our unique sound at Audio Animals and really does set the men from the boys.

Maag-EQ4  Little-Labs-Vog-Bass-Resonance-EQ

Maag Eq4 is a 6 band eq with the Maag air band. The air band is something we’ve have always dreamed of owning. Vocal mixes are enhanced in the high frequencies gaining more presence and glow. This unique piece of gear is why our vocal tracks sound so incredibly pronounced and detailed. With the six bands of fixed range eq going all the way down to the 40hz sub frequencies we are able to use this eq on almost all audio sources.

Little Labs Vog is a low frequency eq that is amazing tool for all low frequency sources such as sub bass, kicks and bass guitars. Unlike any other eq on the market the vog uses a certain unique process that feels as though instead of increasing low frequency volume will increase fullness of a certain frequency. Having the vogs in our arsenal means we are able to offer a full round rich low end to everything we do.

Elysia-Channel-Strip  Elysia-Xfilter

Elysia 500 Series Stereo Channel Strip allows us to use the beautiful clarity and unique sound Elysia have to offer in a unique 500 Series custom channel strip format.

Elysia Xfilter is an eq with lots of character. Unique and precise eq whilst in the mix and across the master bus. The Xfilter eq has 4 bands with both gain and frequency controls. Switchable from wide Q to narrow Q. We will use this eq in most mixes across vocal buses and instrument buses. A very full rich round sound in the low end means this eq works perfectly with all instruments especially guitar tracks.

Elysia-Xpressor  Elysia-Nvelope-500

Elysia Xpressor is one the best compressors in it’s price range. Detailed compression and ratio settings allow for pin point accuracy and control over any stereo stem. The Xpressor also has side chain and limiting built in which can be easily controlled to their required needs.

Elysia Nvelope is in our eyes the best transient designer on the market. Unlike other transient designers the Elysia transient designer has the added ability of selecting the precise frequency of the attack and sustain. Other transient designers do not have this feature meaning the Elysia transient designer is able to apply the right about of attack and sustain to correct frequency. We will use this tool over both drum mix and often across the master bus.

High-End-Analogue-Vocal-Bus  Oktavamod-Hulk-990

High End Analogue Vocal Bus consisting of various analogue hardware depending on the vocals needs. 2x Maag EQ4’s which include the legendary air band are essential on vocals as well as the Shadow Hills compressor which from my own experience of using various compressors on vocals has the most amazing control of dynamics. Rupert Neve tape saturation with Silk Red active add a warm rich sparkling top end to any vocal source.

Oktavamod Hulk 990 is one of my favourite mics. I have used Neumann mics on countless amounts of vocal recordings and now I would not use any other mic. The Hulk 990 built by Michael Joly is nothing short of perfection. Like the U87 in many ways I personally feel it sounds better. I’ve had the U87 and Hulk 990 side by side recording the same vocal source. In blind tests out of 5 I chose the Hulk 990 every time. I put the Neumann back in it’s box and ordered a Hulk 990 to use myself from then on.

Solid-State-Logic-VHD-Pre-Amp  Focusrite-ISA-One-Mic-Pre

Solid State Logic VHD Pre Amps offer variable harmonic drive offering both 2nd and 3rd harmonic drive. This pre amp is nothing short of perfection. Clean sound without driving audio into the pre and hard hitting harmonic distortion when driven hot. We will use these pre amps a great deal when track instruments and drums. 3rd harmonic distortion on lead synths and cymbals. 2nd harmonic distortion on bass synths and kicks.

Focusrite ISA One Pre Amp is one of my favourite pre amps for tracking vocals and instruments. Incredible sound and widely used throughout the music industry. Warm rich mic pre when driven generates beautiful harmonic distortion.

Dangerous-Bax-EQ  SPL-Vitalizer-MK2

Dangerous Music Bax Eq is an essential mastering tool. Found in all major mastering studios the Bax eq is used to shape the top and bottom end of a mix. The bax eq will roll off unwanted high and low frequencies as well as increase the sweet spot in the high and low end. The Bax eq will correctly balance a mix and leave you with a full louder and more controlled master.

SPL Vitalizer Mk2 is such a simple tool but one of the most important items of kit we own. We will only use the stereo widening tool in the SPL Vitalizer. This is the only feature we feel the Vitalizer is good for. Amazing tool for widening pads, strings and other audio sources that require accurate widening.

1176-Compressor-Limiter  API-500-Series

1176 Compressor Clone by Hairball Audio. At a fraction of the price of the original 1176 units by Universal Audio the Hairball Audio version is a custom built exact clone. We have had this unit side by side with an 1176 and there is little or no audible difference. The reason we opted for this unit was simple. Price and the fact that we could customise and upgrade the insides to our exact spec. If you were ever thinking of buying an 1176 we would fully recommend a Hairball 1176 unit.

Api 500 Series Racks are found in almost all highend mixing and mastering studio’s. Audio Animals is no exception. We own two API racks filled with some of the most sort after analogue moduals money can buy. In our API racks we have 11 unique modules. 2x Little Labs vogs for adding fullness to bass and kicks, 2x Maag EQ4’s to add the air band into dull lifeless stems, a Shadow Hills compressor one of the worlds best stereo compressors on the market, 2x Rupert Neve Portico 542 tape saturation units to add a tape warming effect to the mix and other stems, Elysia channel strip consisting of an EQ, compressor and transient designer and the Kush Audio Clariphonic.

Fostex-B16  Sony-Tc-377

Fostex B-16 is a 16 track reel to reel recorder. 16 channels of audio can be recorded to 1 inch tape. We use this reel to reel for recording certain mixes to in order to achieve a unique analogue sound otherwise unachievable in the the box.

Sony TC 377 is a 2 channel reel to reel. 2 channels of audio can be recorded to 1/4 inch tape. Ideal for sampling and recording single stems. We will use this a great deal to record stems such as pads and strings on to to achieve a unique warm analogue sound with grainy texture.

Akai-1721L  Bantam-Patchbay

Akai 1721L is a 2 channel reel to reel. 2 channels of audio can be recorded to 1/4 inch tape. Ideal for sampling and general listening to our tape collection. With a built in amp and speakers it acts as a large but portable reel to reel player.

3x Bantam Patchbay are used to connect all analogue audio equipment into chains. Here we can patch for instance and analogue eq into channels 1-2 on our ssl console and then patch the eq outputs into a compressor and so on. All analogue equipment is connected to the 3 bantam patchbays.


Korg-MS-20-Mini  Doepfer-Dark-Energy

Korg MS-20 Mini is a reissue of the original MS-20 by Korg. I’ve used both and both sound near identical in every way. The MS-20 Mini has the added benefit of midi which is important to us as we like to use the weighted keys on the Technics piano with all synths.

Doepfer Dark Energy an analogue synth. Don’t be fooled by it’s small size this synth has a huge sound. I love to use this synth with the moogerfooger pedals. Incredibly unique synth with an amazing sound to it. Class Doepfer analogue sound in small compact unit.

Arturia-Minibrute  Access-Virus-Ti-Snow

Arturia Minibrute is an analogue synth with an incredible sound. Full control over every parameter. With a stylish look like similar to the Roland SH-101. The Minibriute offers a small compact synth with a huge sound. We will use this synth mainly for electronic production. Ideal synth for electronic producers wanting a big sound with limited space.

Access Virus Ti Snow is like the Ti2 synthesizer but a smaller compact version. Were as the Ti2 has up to 12 instances available at one time the Ti snow allows for only 4. We use the Ti snow as an effect engine as well as a synth for pads. If you are looking to move from VST in the box synths to hardware synths this synth is the one for you.

Moog-Minitaur  Technics-Piano

Moog Minitaur is a small compact version of of the Moog Taurus pedal synth. Classic Moog bass sound which is full and rich in sub frequencies. We will use this synth for all sub bass and low frequency bass sounds. A must have for dance producers who require a full thick sub in their track.

Technics Piano is a weighted digital piano and the centre controller for all synths and samplers. We have own this piano from childhood and was what we learnt to play piano on at an early age. 20 years on it is still in perfect working order.

Moog-Voyager-RME  Moog-Voyager-RME-CV-Expanders

Moog Voyager RME is full expanded with CV expanders expanding this RME into a Moog XL. The Moog Voyager is a classic synth within the production industry. One of the best and most sort after synths known to man. The Moog Voyager offers that classic Moog sound in a rack mount format. One of the best synths you will ever hear. We use this synth for most sounds including bass, lead and fx.

Moog Voyager RME CV Expanders expand the Moog Voyager in an Voyager XL. The expanders allow for modualar patching and the creation of unique sounds. The expanders enable us to create unique and creative fx and modualted bass patches. Not only is this style of sound design unique it is also incredible fun. Hands on modular patching in a small compact rack.

Moogerfooger-Delay  Moogerfooger

Moogerfooger Analogue Delays are quite simply a thing of beauty. Only 1000 of the moogerfooger 104’s were ever made. We purchased two of these delay pedals for use with both guitars and synths. By owning two we are able to use in stereo for ping pong style delays. These pedals are incredibly sort after now and due to being discontinued are worth twice of what they were originally when new.

Moogerfooger MF-101 is a lowpass filter offering the classic Moog filter 24db curve in a small pedal format. We will use this a great deal when recording bass guitars and processing analogue synths.

Moogerfooger MF-102 is a ring modulator like no other. Classic osculating sound which sounds incredible. A must have for dubstep producers. We will use this pedal a great deal for for it CV patching abilty to the Moog Voyager.

Moogerfooger MF-103 is a 12 stage phaser offering an amazing sound for bass. We will use this pedal a great deal with our analogue synths to create a unique sound.

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