We began the day by mastering Nothing To Lose new track feat. Lucy Price called In My Shoes. This track is a very big drum step track, lots of bass and very powerful. Lucy’s vocals are amazing on it very catchy and on point. This is definitely one to watch out for. James Nothing To Lose plays a lot of big Manchester gigs so keep and ear out for this one if your in and around that area.

The next group of tracks for mastering for today was a 5 track ep of beautiful chilled ambient dubstep / house / trap music. Excellent sound and incredibly enjoyable to master. The first track intro with rain droplets and mellow vocal oohs and ahh. Really sets the tone for the ep.

Second track on the ep has a really nice ambient dubstep vibe and follows track one very well. Sweeping bass’s and stylish fx. Such great use of vocal chops makes this track something special. Given the right promoting and target audience this ep will be a big seller.

Track three is another excellent mix with ambiance and spacious sounds all around, excellent tracks all round.

The fourth track on this ep is a trap smasher with big solid 808 bass and classic trap sounds. Great use of leads on this track and the mix is tight, good compliment to the ep.

The last track on the ep is a really nice spacious trap track full of sweeping pads and bells. Overall the whole ep is great. Very relaxed chilled vibes all round. A pleasure to master this ep.

After finishing our days mastering we began getting ready for our new range of t shirt’s launching. Our new range is called #aa4life and so far consists of 8 t shirts. You can see the full range here in our shop. Below are some samples of our new #aa4life range. All t shirts follow the Audio Animals standards of high quality and look great on. We hope you like our designs and place an order.

aa4life-black-t-mixed-and-mastered-white aa4life-white-t-hi-my-name-is-red aa4life-white-t-audio-animals-black aa4life-black-t-im-an-audio-animal-white aa4life-white-t-analogue-blue aa4life-black-t-grrrrr-animals-init-lime aa4life-black-t-dressed-to-compress-yellow aa4life-black-t-#aa4life-black

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