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Based in London Uk, Audio Animal specialise in high end analogue mixing and mastering. We have some of the industries best equipment including the industries best multiband mastering compressor the Maselec MLA-3 and a full SSL Solid State Logic Rack consisting of incredibly high end A/D D/A converters24 channel summing mixer, eq, compression and pre amp. For a full list of studio equipment we use visit our studio page here or watch our promo video below. More images of the studio can be found here.. Our customer base varies from independent musicians and bands, to record labels and well established artists. Over the last 10 years we have built up our studio to include some of the most sought after and specialist audio equipment, with names like SSL (Solid State Logic), Neve, Maselec, Lexicon, Moog and DBX to name a few.

What We Do?

Audio Animals are far from a one dimensional company. Our engineers have a diverse skill set which allows us to offer a number of services, including:

  • Mastering – High quality mastering at great rates using some of the best mastering equipment in the business. It is important to have your track mastered correctly in order for it to stand on its own when played alongside other commercial releases. – Prices from £25
  • Mixing – Having your production professionally mixed can make or break your record. Audio Animals will deliver you a clean, lively mix that will stand our from the crowd, whether on your MP3 player, on the radio in your car or pumping out in the club. Our price for mixes also include a complementary master. – Prices from £80
  • Production – At Audio Animals we are not just sound engineers, we also love production and produce our own records. We are always willing to collaborate with other artists as well as help give your production that little extra umpf!
  • Remixing – Need a remix made of your track? Audio Animals can give your music that unique twist, to release with your single or help promote your record to other audiences
  • Sound Design and Samples – Over years of engineering and production we have compiled a large array of sound banks and samples ready for royalty free use.
  • Promotion – Got a great track but its not getting heard? We can help you reach your target audience.
  • Record Label – The Audio Animals record label will be launching soon. We are always on the look out for new artists, so please feel free to send us your tracks.

Our Clients

Martin Hearn ( world class drummer THE DRIFTERS )
Diaskel ( dancehall reggae mc )
Urban Karma ( reggae  label )
Mc Funsta ( drum and bass mc UNCZ )
Harry Shotta ( drum and bass mc UNCZ )
Rekless Beats ( hip hop up and coming talent )
Fancis Wood ( finalist on THE VOICE )
Random Concept ( drum and bass label )
Phucked Recordings ( drum and bass / dubstep label )
Durty Chips ( dubstep up and coming talent )
Prolific Studios ( northampton recording studio / EDM label )
Digital Dubsta ( jungle producer )
Ragga Twins ( jungle ragga mc’s )
Kool Fm ( london radio station )
Origin Fm ( london radio station )

What Our Clients Say

  • “My first contact with Paul & Nick was a sit in mix down session which I found extremely useful for getting my future projects primed for mastering. AA really have consideration of the customers needs and set out to achieve incredible results from the start. I would recommend AA every time, great value.” – David Toon
  • “Was a great find for our Record Label Urban Karma getting in contact with the Audio Animals in London, we were surprised to find such a high quality & value for money mixing and mastering service, there is nowhere that we have found over the years that uses such high end equipment, Knows exactly how to use it to its fullest potential in such a relaxed atmosphere at anywhere near the cost. great guys who deliver a high quality professional end product One Love for the Audio Animals every time, thanks guys for the great work you have done for us.” – Urban Karma – Reggae Label
  • “Audio Animals are great. Having had a few tracked mastered by them I can tell you first hand that they are the place to go! Charging a very good price for the quality of work they put in and then also the extra hints and tips that they give you to help with mixing down your work is making my music sound better and better.” – Changing Ways
  • “I started using Audio Animals awhile back, and after I heard the first track they mastered for me, I always went to them. Their mastering services have a quick turn around which I am all about, and their final products sound amazing. Audio Animals is my number one choice for my masters.” – Zaqs
  • “Paul & Nick (aka Audio Animals) are a pleasure to work with, there turn over time is impeccable and the quality of there work shines through the faces of the people that hear our music, they are efficient, hard working and always deliver on time with a smile ….. we seriously recommend them to anyone who wants a clean / FAT / warm master of there music.” – Myles (The Discoguns)

Tour Of Audio Animals Studio

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