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Today we ran audio through 3 different versions of the SSL 4000 e series eq and compressor. The 3 versions we used were the Waves Audio vst / rtas emulation, UAD 2 vst / rtas emualtion and the Solid State Logic SSL X-Rack module. We used the exact same settings on all 3 eq’s and compressors.

From listening to all 3 versions of audio this is our conclusion.

The Waves Audio emulation sounds a lot harsher in the upper frequencies and lacks all character that the 4k eq’s are known for in their low end.

The UAD-2 emulation sounds so close in every aspect you would find it hard to tell them apart from the analogue hardware. 10/10 for Universal Audio on this emulation.

The SSL X-Rack version sounds amazing. Has all the body and weight needed in a good eq and compressor. This module is what the over two emulations are based on.

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