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Running a DJ operation can be a good way to make some extra money, and can be a lot of fun if you enjoy being at social events and really like music. Things like regular pub bookings for disco nights or karaoke, along with one off events like weddings, are the main source of work for a professional DJ, and as long as you have the right audio and visual equipment in terms of your speakers, lights and decks (all of which you can pick up good deals on when you buy from private sellers on sites like Gumtree) you can make all of these nights a big success. However, getting the bookings in the first place and becoming known as a good local DJ can take some effort. Like any small business, you can gain a significant advantage when it comes to getting work as a DJ by using social media marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing covers any kind of promotional work you do to a network of people using platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It can include having your own Facebook page as a business, which you can use to put out helpful information or special offers, or using content you produce which you give to your network to share. As a DJ, you can have things like playlists that you can put out in podcasts or via platforms like Spotify to show the kind of music you play and think fits with different occasions.

Why Set Up Social Media Accounts For Your DJ Business?

Having social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other major platforms makes it easy for you to connect with a very targeted audience. If you specialise in weddings, for example, you can find people in your area who are engaged and planning their weddings very easily using Facebook, and use Facebook advertising to promote yourself to them. If you have a Facebook page for the business, people can then ‘like’ it and follow what you are doing without you having to add clients or potential customers as friends on your own personal Facebook account. Equally, with Twitter, you can have an account that only tweets about events and music, which interested people can follow.

What Kind of Content Should You Share?

Remember that your business social media accounts are there to make people think of you as the go to person when they want music for a type of event. You should therefore aim to tweet or share on Facebook content that enhances the view of you as an authority on the industry, and this means things related to music, audio visual equipment, and event planning. Again, if you have a specialism, such as weddings or karaoke, you should be looking for interesting content about these things which you can share, showing your readers that you add some value to them and also have your finger on the pulse when it comes to the world you work in.
Social media is a huge asset in promoting any kind of business, so why not start advertising your DJ work using these platforms today?

Written By Andrew Burke

How to Use Social Media to Get More DJ Bookings

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