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Excellent mastering services. I’ve used many other studio’s over the years being 42 and all that but this is by far the best mastering service I have used in the last 20 years. I mean come on £25 for what I can see at least a £30,000 mastering chain. Most studios don’t have half the high end gear these guys have. Well done Audio Animals will be using you ever master I have done for my band WORLD CLASS service. Danny Boi


Just received my master back from The Audio Animals and along with the 3 other masters i have had done by them its sounds excellent it just sounds so much more fuller and dynamic and professional and cuts right though in the mix. Anyone looking for mixing or mastering services should look no further you just cant beat the swift professional polite service these guys offer not to mention the absolute incredible value for money for a service that would cost a lot lot more anywhere else and you will just not get the same quality because of the thousands of pounds worth of hardware signal chain that your track will get mastered through. This is my 4th master i have had done by The Audio Animals and i am looking forward to getting all the rest of my future premasters over thanks to all at THE AUDIO ANIMALS.

Nothing To Lose

I listened to a few of their before-and-after master demos on Soundcloud. These were good but it’s not they’ve mastered a track you know inside and out that you realise the extent of the magic they can weave into your track. Bigger, fuller, louder and warmer are descriptions that go some way toward explaining how your track will sound after it’s been through the top of the range hardware in the Audio Animals Sound Cave but for £25, I’d recommend trying them out for yourselves. I guarantee, you’ll never play an unmastered track in a set again.


Can’t recommend Audio Animals enough!! Friendly, helpful and top quality service all round! Will definitely be coming back! :-)

LeeRoy Dj 

At first I thought well I could do digital mastering using ozone and Tracks. I did my own and never really got noticed. Then I gave my sounds to Audio Animals. Now I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about their analogue mastering but thought can they really do a better job than me. Turns out a million times yes. When I found out even when mastering digital in the box they use the worlds best plugins I can see why. Also experience and knowing what they are doing plays a major part of it too. Amazing how people are receiving my music now. I actually sound like a professional and I stand out. So massive thank you lads you have really taken my music to the next level. Next I will be going for the analogue master which I’m sure will be even better. Seriously huge thank you !!!!!!!!!

Working at Audio Animals are two talented engineers who in the past have worked with us on music including Hollywood films such as The Amazing Spiderman 2, Xmen, Winters Tale and Mr Holmes. The lead mastering engineer at Audio Animals is Nick Burchall. Nick has worked mastering all genres of music for the past 14 years and prides himself on a unique sound only obtainable at the Audio Animals studio. Having such a wide range of high end mastering equipment Nick is able to achieve a sound that not only is louder than other studio but also obtain far more dynamic range. This is achieved through expertise and knowhow of mastering as well as the unique mastering equipment we use here at Audio Animals. Below are a few videos of music mastered by Nick Burchall at Audio Animals studio.



What Is Mastering?

Often known as the dark art in musical circles, mastering is the last step of the audio production process, the stage between the final mixdown and the distribution of your music, be it as an mp3, cd or vinyl. What the mastering engineer does for you, can vary greatly depending on what your track needs. Using  a combination of their high end specialist audio equipment, a properly acoustically treated room and most importantly their experienced ear, a mastering engineer will polish your music and give you that professional edge in a highly contested market.

Analogue-Mastering-1     Analogue-Mastering-2     ATC-Monitors     Digital-Mastering-UAD

Analogue Mastering Service

Audio Animals offer a far superior analogue mastering service than many other studios around the world, obtaining industry standard loudness whilst retaining dynamics. This is achieved by the use of such high end compressors and limiters as the legendary Shadow Hills compressor, Maselec MLA-3 multiband compressor and Maselec MPL-2 limiter. For many producers working in the box, inside a DAW using plugins, analogue mastering is essential in order to bring their track up to professional quality ready for release. Adding clarity, dynamics, width and richness to tracks otherwise unachievable in the digital domain. Get noticed and stand out from the crowd with analogue mastering. For more detailed information contact us via email or phone ( 10am – 8pm ) via our contact page here.

Standard Analogue Master – £25 / $38 / €33 ( 4 – 7 Days )
Priority Analogue Master – £50 / $76 / €67 ( 2 – 48 Hours )

  • Order four or more analog masters for 10% off – COUPON CODE: AA-Analog-Master-10-Over-4
  • Order eight or more analog masters for 20% off – COUPON CODE: AA-Analog-Master-20-Over-8

More Info And Order Your Analogue Mastering Here

Digital Mastering Service

Audio Animals digital mastering service is much like our analogue mastering service without the added benefit of using high end analogue equipment. Instead digital mastering using the highest quality audio plugins. At Audio Animals we will only use Universal Audio plugins, as these plugins are accurate emulations of analogue hardware many of which we have in analogue format. By using UAD plugin emulations of the hardware we own we are able to recreate a digital master emulating our analogue mastering chain. For more detailed information contact us via email or phone ( 10am – 8pm ) via our contact page here.

Standard Digital Master – £20 / $30 / €27 ( 4 – 7 Days )
Priority Digital Master – £40 / $61 / €54 ( 2 – 48 Hours )

  • Order four or more digital masters for 10% off – COUPON CODE: AA-Digital-Master-10-Over-4
  • Order eight or more digital masters for 20% off – COUPON CODE: AA-Digital-Master-20-Over-8

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Stem Mastering Service

Audio Animals stem mastering service is by far the best stem mastering service online. Whilst other studios sum your mix in the box, Audio Animals sum out the box through a 36 channel Solid State Logic console. By stem mastering on a hybrid mixing setup combined with a mastering setup, we are able to insert where necessary analogue eq’s and compressors of the highest calibre. By working in this way we are able to stem master all genres of music to the highest quality. For more detailed information contact us via email or phone ( 10am – 8pm ) via our contact page here.

4 Channel Stem Master – £40 / $61 / €54 ( 4 – 7 Days )
8 Channel Stem Master – £50 / $76 / €67 ( 4 – 7 Days )
12 Channel Stem Master – £60 / $92 / €81 ( 4 – 7 Days )

  • Order four or more stem masters for 10% off – COUPON CODE: AA-StemMaster-10-Over-4
  • Order eight or more stem masters for 20% off – COUPON CODE: AA-StemMaster-20-Over-8

More Info And Order Your Stem Mastering Here

Dj Mix Mastering Service

Audio Animals dj mix mastering service caters for all genres of mixes including podcasts and promotional mixes. Much like our analogue mastering service, dj mix mastering using the same analogue mastering chain but spans across a whole mix from start to finish. Prices are dependant on the length of your mix and can be up to a total of 2 hours long. This process of mastering is used by many professional dj’s and radio shows needing a finalised quality master to upload to their social media outlets. For more detailed information contact us via email or phone ( 10am – 8pm ) via our contact page here.

15 Minute Dj Mix Mastered – £30 / $46 / €40 ( 4 – 7 Days )
30 Minute Dj Mix Mastered – £40 / $61 / €54 ( 4 – 7 Days )
45 Minute Dj Mix Mastered – £50 / $76 / €67 ( 4 – 7 Days )
60 Minute Dj Mix Mastered – £60 / $92 / €81 ( 4 – 7 Days )
75 Minute Dj Mix Mastered – £70 / $107 / €94 ( 4 – 7 Days )
90 Minute Dj Mix Mastered – £80 / $123 / €108 ( 4 – 7 Days )
105 Minute Dj Mix Mastered – £90 / $138 / €121 ( 4 – 7 Days )
120 Minute Dj Mix Mastered – £100 / $153 / €135 ( 4 – 7 Days )

More Info And Order Your Dj Mix Mastering Here


Full Audio Animals Client List Click Here

Full Audio Animals Equipment List Click Here

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