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Nick Burchall

Cliche maybe, but music has always been a big part of my life. From my early years I remember listing to my parents music, they had a varied taste in music, which helped me from being one dimensional. When I went to primary school, I really enjoyed the music lessons, you know ‘Three Blind Mice’ on the recorder etc, and started to really want to learn the piano. However, at 6 it is a bit of an investment on my parents part, not knowing if it would be an expensive fad that I would drop a week later! So I began with a slightly cheaper option of the Violin, which I played until I was 15, including a performance with an orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall.

After showing commitment required for learning an instrument, my parents treated me for my 12th birthday to the Piano that I was so eager to learn. At that age I was also really starting to develop my own tastes in music, everything from rock and metal to hip hop and drum and bass. My piano teachers were very dynamic and gave me the chance to learn everything from classical to contemporary as well music theory, improvisation and playing from ear. At this young age I also started getting into music production and at picked up a copy of Ejay for the pc and started sequencing tracks and writing drum loops. My style then was really influenced by the rap and hip-hop I was listening too, so started making beats for my friends and I to rap over.

At about 15 my cousin and Audio Animals business partner Paul, had getting into the djing scene, mainly garage and dnb. I would go round and mess about on his decks and he would come round and make beats with me. This started me off on my love of Dnb, so I went got my first dj setup and became encompassed with record collecting.  By this time I had moved onto Cubase SX, my first full fledged DAW, with my Edirol midi keyboard.

It didn’t take long to realise music was what I wanted to do with my life, so once I left school and during college, I went and got experience working in studios and taking evening classes on various courses across London so that I would be in a position to take a Sound Engineering course at University. This is went I started to learn and fall in love with Pro-tools (Pro-tool 5 at the time).

In 2004, I started my Engineering degree in Audio Technology and Innovation went to DeMontfort University in Leicester. I also started to build my home studio base around a Carillon Pc, Mbox 2 Pro and Protools 7. I was still using Cubase a bit, but was converted fully over to Protools for the engineering side of things and shortly (with the improvements in Protools 8) didn’t look back. I also had my Edirol midi controller, Alesis M1 Active MkII’s (which I still have as reference speakers today), and various VST’s and Plugins.

I really enjoyed my time there, and really got to develop my skills. By my second year, the University had completed the building their multiplex of studios, including my favourite the main studio which featured a Solid State Logic AWS 900+ as the centre piece. This was the start of me falling in love with the sound of SSL the quality of outboard (analogue in particular equipment).

Upon leaving University with a BSc, I carried on producing although finding any paid engineering work, as almost anyone in the industry knows, is few and far between when you are starting out. So to give myself more option for work I did a diploma at the Qantm College, (part of the SAE) in web design and development. I did this on the side of freelancing and an engineer and working on my own music projects, including teaching myself the guitar.

Upon completing the course, I used the left over money I got from any music or web projects to build up my own studio. In 2012, my cousin Paul and I decided to put our studios together and form the Audio Animals you see today!

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