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Mixing and mastering is the final stage of your production. This process will finalise your track in a way that will give you the best possible professional sound needed in today’s modern music industry. No matter how good you are at producing a track, the mix and master can make or break your release. Every artist wants the best quality for their music but 9 times out of 10 the artist already think they have achieved this. What I personally find that is after an artist has their music mixed and mastered to the highest quality they realise the full potential of their music. A lot of artist are under the impression that mixing in the box will give them a professional sound. This is in many cases not true. There is only so much you can get out the box with the likes of digital plugins and digital summing. Such processes as summing through an analogue console and high quality A/D D/A converters will do wonders for the overall quality of your track. Think of it like the difference between listening to a 96kbs mp3 and a Wav 44,100kHz. This is how I describe the quality difference between a professional mix and a digital in the box mix. Many studios offer a digital mixing service and the results speak for themselves. Weak, thin and lifeless mixes that do not showcase the tracks full professional quality. Owning a Solid State Logic 36 channel mixing console we are able to sum artists tracks to the master bus at the highest quality. With the addition of out the box processing using eq’s and compressors by brands such as Solid State Logic, Maselec, Maag, Shadow Hills, Elysia and Neve we able to achieve truely unique high quality mixes that set the professionals from the amateurs. A lot of home studios have poorly acoustically treated rooms and inaccurate monitoring. This results in overcompensation for frequencies that shouldn’t be compensated for. For instance a lot of artists will have a very unbalanced bottom end to their tracks. This is partly due to their monitors being too bottom heavy. You will begin to increase volume of the frequency range so that the track sounds good on your monitors and in your room. This doesn’t mean it’ll sound good on any monitors and in any room. Using a studio with accurate monitoring and knowledge that the track is perfectly balanced not only give you peace of mind but will also make sure your track is going to stand up against other professional tracks released into the music industry.

Audio Animals Studio

What does Audio Animals mixing Service involve?

  • Accurate processing of every stem in your mix using analogue eq and compression.
  • Positioning of each stem in the correct frequency range.
  • Panning of each channel where necessary to gain the best possible space in the mix.
  • Summing through a 36 channel SSL Solid State Logic summing console.
  • Precise mix to ensure a perfect balance for mastering.
  • Removing unwanted frequencies to ensure maximum space is achieved in the mix.
  • Alternate mixes at no extra cost ( radio edit, dj mix, acapella, instrumental, live mix ).

What does Audio Animals mastering Service involve?

  • Analogue processing of your track using both single band and multiband compression as well as a wide range of analogue eqs.
  • Increased width in track.
  • Increased fullness and control of track.
  • Enhanced ambience and frequency range.
  • Commercially loud yet dynamic punchy track.
  • Confidence your track will be to the best of it’s ability.
  • A unique sound otherwise unachievable at any other studio.
  • Accurate master that will sound great across all monitoring environments.

Why should I get my track mixed and mastered by Audio Animals?

We offer a one of a kind mixing and mastering service. Audio Animals mixing and mastering service is unlike any other online service. With a wide range of analogue audio equipment we are able to achieve a sound unique to our studio. Unlike many other online studios offering mixing and mastering, we mix our clients tracks through one of the if not the best studio mixing consoles a 36 channel solid state logic SSL desk. This includes both SSL 4K and 9K eq and compression. Having such a wide range of audio equipment we are able to mix any genre, any song and any style to the highest of the tracks ability, With knowledge in all genres and having mixed these genres for a number of years we are able to capture the clients needs with every mix.

Not only do we mix and master your track to the highest possible quality your track has to offer, we also offer a free promotional service via our website reaching 10’s of thousands of new potential fans a week. With such a large online presence we are able to list your track on our site along with soundcloud player, video, track info, download store links and artwork. This ensures all information is in one place and creates a great place for your fan base to find everything involved in your release. The added benefit of your fans knowing your track has had a professional mix and master ensures them that the track they are purchasing from these download stores is going to be of the highest quality.

What Is Mixing And Mastering

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