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    How It Works
    1. To build your consultancy package first select the consultancy service you require. Once you have your package created, add it to basket and proceed through the checkout system.
    2. Once you have checked out and paid for your consultancy service, you can upload your files if necessary and all information to us via our upload form in your account here. Please ensure you add your order number, this lets us know which order is linked to which files. 
    3. Once we have received your payment we will get in contact with you to discuss your consultancy and what you need.
    Song Consultation

    A song consultation is where we take the time to listen to your song and discuss any changes that can be made, that will improve the overall production and mix. Receive detailed feedback on the mix, master and production.

    • Mix Feedback
    • Master Feedback
    • Production Feedback
    • How To Improve
    Email Consultation

    An email consultation will answer up to 10 questions of your choice in detail. These questions can be based on any subject relating to business and audio. This service can be used by university students who require questions answered for their dissertations.

    • Any Subject
    • 10 Questions
    • Dissertations
    • Case Study
    Phone / Video Consultation

    Phone or video consultations are a great way to have a detailed conversation about any subject you need answers on. Such as how to run an audio business or what audio equipment to purchase and install. These conversations are a great way to share our knowledge and save the client a lot of money with trial and error.

    • Any Subject
    • Zoom Call
    • WhatsApp Call
    • Phone Call
    Dolby Atmos Consultation

    Dolby Atmos consultations are performed via phone or video and are a great way to have a detailed conversation about anything related to Dolby Atmos. These conversations can include anything from how to configure your speaker system, to how to setup the Dolby Atmos renderer correctly.

    • Phone / Video Consultation
    • Speaker Configurations
    • Studio Builds
    • Dolby Atmos Routing
    • Audio Installations
    Studio Build Consultation

    Studio build consultations are performed via phone or video and are a great way to have a detailed conversation about anything related to building a studio. These conversations can include anything from what building materials you will need, to how to build a custom desk to house all your equipment.

    • Phone / Video Consultation
    • Building Advice
    • Custom Desk Design
    • Acoustic Installation
    • Audio Installations
    On Site Consultation

    On site consultations are when we will visit the location of the studio or installation in person. This service and price is for UK customers only. Please contact us for more information if you are located outside of the UK. On site consultations can be for anything from studio builds, to tuition or mentoring.

    • UK Only
    • Studio Builds
    • Tuition / Mentoring
    • Audio Installations


    With the experience and knowledge of building a highly successful audio business from scratch, comes a lot of questions wanting to know how it is done. Our consultancy service aims to share our knowledge in all things audio related. If you have a series of questions you would like us the answer in detail. We will be happy to sit down and talk with you over a video call, phone call or answer your questions via email.

    Andy Poirier

    “I booked a consultation with Audio Animals and let them know what my plans were and how much I was willing to spend. They not only saved me a BOAT LOAD of money and headache, but also took the time to go through my project in detail. They helped me pinpoint my weak links and advised me on the equipment that would benefit me. In the end, together we engineered a setup that really improved my tracking and mixing capabilities without buying all the excess I thought I needed.”

    Danny Kirsch

    “For me my consultancy was all about saving money. I have no idea how to build a studio from scratch and wasn’t prepared to spend my money with trial and error to find out. Paul from Audio Animals advised me on materials, where to get them and how much I would need. I ended up building a studio that was built to a similar spec to his, which we all know is one of the best in the world. Without his expertise and knowledge I wouldn’t have the studio I have today. Money well spent.”

    David Spill

    “I contacted Audio Animals initially to enquire about their PMC speakers. It was important to me to get first hand user experience on them before spending £50k on monitors. A small price to pay considering the huge investment I was making. Paul walked me through his PMC system and advised me on exactly what I would need to achieve the best possible monitoring. He even introduced me to a PMC dealer who saved me a good amount of money.”

    Jason Lattuca

    “I recently built a project studio, I called the guys at Audio Animals to ask their advice, they came down to my studio and completely reconfigured and calibrated all my software and hardware. They were on it all day and didn’t stop from 8am to 5:30pm. They were well mannered, super respectful and appreciative of my property and equipment. Super polite and professional and got my studio running like a dream. Brilliant service.”


    What Is An Audio Consultancy?

    An audio consultancy is when we consult with the client over the subject or project they need information on. Information can be supplied via email, phone, video or on location with an on site visit. Such consultancies save the client money and give them valuable information they wouldn’t find anywhere else, coming straight from a reliable source who is already successful in this field. An audio consultation can save you not only time but money too.

    How Long Does A Video / Phone Consultancy Last?

    Video or phone consultancies last an hour. You can book an extra hour if you feel you haven’t quite asked all your questions within the hour.

    How Do We Do A Video Call?

    Video calls can be done via Zoom or via whatsapp video call. Which ever you prefer.

    Where Can On Site Visits Be Located?

    The price listed on the website is for UK only. Any overseas visits must be discussed prior to booking and will be considerably more expensive.

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