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    How It Works
    1. To build your audiobook mixing & mastering package first select the length of the audiobook you require to be mastered. Next select if you need to add audio editing and mixing.
    2. Once you have your package selected, add it to basket and proceed through the checkout. Now you have paid for your audiobook service you can upload your files and all information via our upload form in your account here. Please ensure you add your order number so that we know which order is linked to which files. Here you can add any notes or information you feel we need to know.
    3. As soon as we have received your payment and files we will download and begin working with your order. Masters are returned to you in the timeframe you have selected when building your package. If editing and mixing is selected
    4. When your order is completed you will receive your files via email. Any additional revisions or edits can be discussed with the engineer. Once all parties are happy with the end result your order will be marked off as complete.
    Audio Duration

    Under the Audio Duration tab you can select the duration of the audiobook you will be sending to be mastered.

    • 60 Minutes
    • 120 Minutes
    • 180 Minutes
    + Audio Editing & Mixing

    By adding + Audio Editing & Mixing to your order, before mastering your audiobook we will edit out any unwanted audio as well as remove any clicks, pops and artefacts found in the audio recording.

    • Removal of unwanted dialogue
    • Removal of clicks, pops and
    • Add intro, outro and adverts
    • Removing background noise
    • Dialogue levelling
    Mastering Turnaround

    Under the Mastering Turnaround tab you can select when your masters are returned to you completed.

    • 1 Working Day (returned next working day)
    • 2-5 Working Days (returned within 2-5 working days)
    • 5+ Working Days (returned after 5 working days)

    Turnaround time is based on days the engineer works between Monday to Friday. If you have a specific day you need your master back for, please let us know when placing your order.

    Audio Editing & Mixing Turnaround

    Under the Audio Editing & Mixing Turnaround tab you can select when the first draft of your edited audiobook will be returned to you for approval before mastering.

    • 1 Working Day (returned next working day)
    • 2-5 Working Days (returned within 2-5 working days)
    • 5+ Working Days (returned after 5 working days)

    Turnaround time is based on days the engineer works between Monday to Friday. If you have a specific day you need your master back for, please let us know when placing your order.


    Audiobook mixing involves the process of combining and balancing all the audio elements in your audiobook. This includes the dialogue, background music, sound effects, and any other audio elements. Audiobook mastering is the final step in the production process. It involves preparing the mixed audiobook for distribution by ensuring it meets certain technical standards and sounds consistent across different playback systems.

    Audiobook mixing and mastering ensures that the spoken words are clear and intelligible. Maintaining a consistent audio experience throughout the audiobook. Balancing the energy and pacing of the audiobook to keep listeners engaged. Adhering to the technical specifications and standards of the platforms where the audiobook will be distributed.

    4x PMC Ci30
    4x PMC Ci65
    5x PMC Ci140
    2x PMC Ci140 Sub

    4 Foot Avid S4
    2x Avid S4 Fader Modules
    Avid S4 Master Module

    Avid MTRX Studio (TB)
    Burl B2 Bomber ADC
    Burl B2 Bomber DAC
    Trinnov MC-Pro Dante 16
    Martin Logan MDA16
    Martin Logan MDA8
    Flock Audio Patch

    Hendy Amps Michelangelo XL
    Goly 4 Band Dynamic EQ
    Goly Porter Grinder EQ
    AudioTales Designs 1951 ME EQ
    AudioTales Designs 1954 EQ
    Cranborne Audio HE2 EQ
    SPL PQ
    Buzz REQ 2.2

    Hum Audio LAAL
    SPL Iron
    Elysia Nvelope

    Rupert Neve MBT
    Analog Design Black Box HG-2
    SPL Gemini


    What sets Audio Animals apart from other companies is that we understand our clients and their needs. We understand you want revisions included in the service. We understand you want a fast reliable turn around. We understand you want to only pay for the service you require and not be charged for add-ons you do not need. We understand our clients, which gives us the ability to provide a service that is designed with them in mind.

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    Tech Panda & Kenzani

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    Jason Hepworth

    “This is the fourth time so far I’ve used Audio Animals to master my tracks. Always helpful, quick reply on my e-mails if I’ve any questions and just can’t fault them….I HIGHLY recommend them and will always use them in the future.”

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    What Studio Is My Audiobooks Mastered In?

    All audiobooks are mixed & mastered in Studio B by Paul Ashmore. Studio B is equipment with an Avid S4 console and state of the art analogue mastering chain.

    What Is The Turnaround?

    All orders will be turned around within the time frame selected when placing your order. Turnaround time is based on days the engineer works between Monday to Friday. If you have a specific day you need your master back for, please let us know when placing your order.

    • 1 Working Day (returned next working day)
    • 2-5 Working Days (returned within 2-5 working days)
    • 5+ Working Days (returned after 5 working days)
    What Is Audiobook Mastering?

    Audiobook mastering is a process similar to podcast mastering but specifically tailored for audiobook production. The goal of audiobook mastering is to ensure that the final audio product is of high quality, easily understandable, and enjoyable for listeners. It involves several post-production techniques to enhance the overall audio experience.

    • EQ: Adjusting the balance of frequencies to enhance clarity and remove any unwanted sounds. This can involve boosting or cutting certain frequencies to achieve a more balanced and natural sound.
    • Compression: Applying dynamic range compression to control the volume levels of the audio. Compression helps to even out the loud and soft parts of the recording, making it more consistent and easier to listen to.
    • Limiting: Setting a maximum output level to prevent audio distortion or clipping. Limiters are used to ensure that the audio doesn’t become too loud and cause discomfort or damage to listeners’ ears.
    • Noise Reduction: Removing or reducing background noise, hums, hisses, or other unwanted sounds that may have been picked up during the recording process.
    • Stereo Imaging: Adjusting the spatial characteristics of the audio, ensuring that it sounds good in both stereo and mono playback environments.
    • Quality Control: Listening to the entire audiobook to catch any remaining issues, such as pops, clicks, or other artifacts.
    What Is Audio Editing & Mixing?

    Audiobook mixing is the process of combining and balancing the various audio elements within an audiobook to create a cohesive and well-blended final product. This involves adjusting the volume levels, panning, and equalization of individual audio tracks to achieve a balanced and pleasing sonic experience for the listener. Audio mixing is a crucial step in the post-production phase of audiobook creation.

    • Balancing Levels: Adjusting the volume levels of different tracks to ensure that all voices and other audio elements are audible and well-balanced. This includes making sure that the host’s voice, guest voices, and any background music or sound effects are at appropriate levels relative to each other.
    • Panning: Determining the spatial placement of audio elements within the stereo field. Panning can create a sense of space and separation between voices or instruments. For example, placing a guest’s voice more to the right or left can contribute to a natural and dynamic sound.
    • EQ: Adjusting the frequency balance of individual tracks to enhance clarity and prevent any frequencies from overpowering others. This is particularly important for ensuring that voices sound natural and that music or other audio elements complement each other.
    • Compression: Applying dynamic range compression to control the volume variations within individual tracks. Compression helps to even out loud and soft parts, making the audiobook more consistent and easier to listen to.
    • Editing: Trimming and editing audio segments to remove any unnecessary pauses, mistakes, or other unwanted elements. This step is typically done before mixing but may also involve some fine-tuning during the mixing process.
    • Quality Control: Listening to the mixed audiobook in its entirety to catch any remaining issues and ensure a high-quality listening experience.
    What Are The Benefits Of Audiobook Mixing & Mastering?

    Audiobook mastering offers several benefits that contribute to the overall quality and professionalism of your audiobook. Here are some key advantages:

    1. Improved Sound Quality: Audiobook mastering helps enhance the overall sound quality of your episodes. It involves processes like equalization, compression, and noise reduction, which can result in clearer and more polished audio.
    2. Consistency Across Episodes: Mastering ensures a consistent audio experience across different audiobook. By normalizing volume levels and addressing variations in sound quality, listeners can enjoy a seamless experience as they move from one episode to the next.
    3. Professionalism: A well-mastered audiobook sounds more professional and is likely to be taken more seriously by listeners. This is important for building credibility and attracting a larger audience.
    4. Enhanced Clarity: Mastering can improve the clarity of spoken words, making it easier for listeners to understand and engage with the content. This is particularly crucial for audiobook that convey information.
    5. Reduced Listener Fatigue: Proper mastering involves techniques like compression to control volume fluctuations. This helps prevent listener fatigue, as it ensures that the audio levels are consistent and not too jarring or uncomfortable.
    6. Optimized for Different Devices: Mastering can involve adjusting the audio for optimal playback on various devices, ensuring that your audiobook sounds good whether it’s being listened to on headphones, speakers, or other audio systems.
    7. Compliance with Industry Standards: Mastering can help ensure that your audiobook meets industry standards for audio quality. This is especially important if you plan to submit your audiobook to platforms or networks that have specific requirements for audio production.
    8. Reduced Background Noise: Noise reduction techniques applied during mastering can help minimize background noise, improving the overall listening experience and eliminating distractions for your audience.
    9. Polished Presentation: Mastering is a final step in the post-production process that adds a level of polish to your audiobook. This attention to detail can make a positive impression on your audience.
    10. Better Engagement: A well-mastered audiobook is more likely to engage listeners. When the audio is clear, balanced, and enjoyable, it can contribute to a positive overall impression and encourage listeners to stay subscribed and recommend your audiobook to others.
    When Do I Pay For Mastering?

    Orders / payment must be made before work on your song begins. This ensures our engineers, take the necessary time and care required to return you the very best master.

    What If I Have Accidentally Sent The Wrong Mix For Mastering?

    If work has not yet begun on your audio, you can simply get in touch with us and replace the file.

    If work has already begun on your song and you need to replace the mix for a new one. Two outcomes will occur.

    If the mix is technically the same song and same mix but there is a change resulting in the audio needing to be re-run. There is a small charge of £50 for a master re-run to cover the time the engineer must take to re-run your audio.

    If the audio is completely different or a different piece of audio altogether, a new order for mastering will need to be placed. The reason for this is because mastering will need to be started from scratch and the previous master scrapped.

    Before sending your audio always make sure it is correct and the file you are sending is the audio you intend to be mastered.

    How Many Mix Revisions Can I Make?

    All mixing packages include 3 revisions. Mix revisions give you the peace of mind that the end result is going to be exactly as you want it. On the rare occasion you exceed 3 revisions, you can always purchase more via our revisions and re-runs page here.

    How Many Master Revisions Can I Make?

    Mastering includes 1 revision. Mastering revisions give you the peace of mind that the end result is going to be exactly as you want it. On the rare occasion you exceed 1 revision, you can always purchase more via our revisions and re-runs page.

    If you need to change the mix in any way after mastering there is a master re-run fee of £50. This small charge covers the engineers time to recall the mastering chain and re-record the updated master.

    How Do I Send My Files?

    Your audio can be uploaded safely and securely via our upload form here. Bypass any compression / limiting you may have on your master bus before printing your audio ready for mastering.

    • File Type: Wav
    • Bitrate: 16/24/32bit
    • Sample Rate: 44,1kHz – 96kHz
    • Headroom: -3db / -6db
    I Only Have A Mp3 Or Phone Recording Is This Ok To Work With?

    If a mp3 is the highest quality file you have and you are unable to obtain a high quality wav file, we will be able to work with this.

    What Will I Receive Back?

    Stereo masters are returned in the following formats, if you require any others, please let us know: 

    • 96kHz 24bit wav
    • 48kHz 24bit wav
    • 44.kHz 24bit wav
    • 44.1kHz 16bit wav
    Can I Credit Audio Animals For The Mastering?

    Yes, if you would like to credit Audio Animals for the mastering of your audiobook you can do so. This is not required but is greatly appreciated.

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