The Audio Animals academy is coming soon in 2024. The academy will host a number of online courses and detailed tutorials on all things audio related. To register your interest please fill out the form below. On the day we launch the academy, you will receive an exclusive intro offer via the email provided in the form.

The academy will covers courses on the following subjects.

  • Mastering
  • Mixing
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Analogue Processing
  • Business
  • Workflow


Intro To Mastering: This course will be focused around the art of mastering and skills required to be achieve a great sounding master. We will focus heavily on the practical aspects of mastering music, but I also want to share some valuable information for setting up mastering sessions, the importance of your room and speakers, how to save time and recall sessions in a practical way, as well as the importance of certain pieces of equipment in a mastering chain. The course will be highly beneficial for all levels and abilities including professional who already know how to master music.

How To Build A Successful Audio Business: This course will be designed for anyone who is planning on starting their own business in the audio industry. I will be teaching you how I created Audio Animals and built it over a period of 12+ years into what it is today. What works, what doesn’t work. Learn from my mistakes and have the best chance of success. The course will be based around a business in audio but all information will be highly transferable to other industries. I will focus on steps that if followed will achieve success. You won’t take this course and instantly become a success, I can not guarantee that. But what I can guarantee is that I will be able to give you all the knowledge needed to be a success. How successful you are all depends on your work ethic and how hard you are going to work. Both of which I have no control over. However one thing I do have control over is the ability to motivate and inspire you to work hard and give yourself the best opportunity of building a successful business in audio. If I can do it, believe me you can do it.


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