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Audio Animals was established by engineers Paul Ashmore and Nick Burchall. With the aid of two studio based in London UK, Audio Animals offer a multitude of high quality audio services. Studio 1 the mixing and mastering studio sports some of the industries best audio equipement. Unique equipment is important to us as it helps us achieve a unique sound found only in the Audio Animals studio. Studio 2 the production and sound design studio sports a 6 foot x 4 foot vocal and recording booth as well as a Moog semi modular rack, keyboards and upright piano. This studio is used to record and create sample packs as well work with production for vocalists, musicians and our own productions. We look forward to working with you and your music. Any questions or advice you may require please contact us via phone (07904332230) or email (

Online Mastering Service

Audio Animals have cemented themselves within the mastering industry as the go to studio for many artists and record labels of all genres around the world. With the aid of our incredibly unique mastering chain, we are able to offer our clients a sound only achievable at the Audio Animals studio. Our analogue mastering chain consists of some of the world best mastering equipment including a Maselec MLA-3, Maselec MPL-2, Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph, Dangerous BAX, Maag EQ4 and Elysia Xfilter. By utilising such high quality mastering equipment we are able to offer a mastering service that is not only loud but is also dynamically superior to other mastering studios.

Order Your Online Mastering Here ( £30 – £60 Per Track )

Stem Mastering Service

Audio Animals offer a stem masting service like no other. With the aid of summing all channels to the master bus through a Solid State Logic 36 channel summing console, we are able to insert analogue eqs and compressors where necessary pre mastering chain. By doing so we are able to control the dynamics of the track, so that the audio summed to the master bus is perfect in balance. Resulting in a much more defined, controlled and louder master to the more conventional analogue mastering process. This among many other reasons is why so many artists and labels opt for stems mastering as their chosen mastering process.

Order Your Stem Mastering Here ( £50 – £70 Per Track )

Mixing And Mastering Service

Audio Animals offer a high end mixing and mastering service catering for all genres of music. We pride ourselves on using only the very best high quality analogue audio equipment. Our mixing and mastering studio includes brands such as Maselec, Solid State Logic, Shadow Hills, Maag, Elysia, Universal Audio and Neve. With the aid of summing all mixes through our Solid State Logic 36 channel summing console we are able to give tracks the separation, clarity and control required of a professional release. Watch video.

Order Your Mixing And Mastering Here ( £80 – £300 Per Track )

Sample Shop

The Audio Animal Sample Shop lists sample packs to both download and purchase in cd format. All sample packs are available to download as wav sample packs as well as kontakt samplers. Each sampler boasts an impressive 128 unique impulse responses, 4 band eq and bus compressor. A number of sample packs are free to download in our free downloads section here.

Visit Audio Animals Sample Shop Here

CD Duplication Service

Audio Animals offer a CD duplication service like no other. High quality analogue CD mastering and duplication at an affordable price. We offer this service at such an affordable rate as a way of supporting our clients music and giving them an additional outlet for their music. Be it for distribution to shops or to promo material to give to dj’s or fans. Our CD’s are duplicated using a R Quest NS 2100 multifunctional CD duplicator and printer. Print quality is amazing and returns a very professional looking CD like any other you would find in a shop.

Order Your CD Duplication Here ( 40p – 78p Per CD )


Full Audio Animals Equipment List Click Here

Production Services

Audio Animals offer various production services including ghost production, remixing, additional production, sound design, song writing, vocal tracking and session musician services. The Audio Animals production and sound design studio is located next door to the mixing and mastering studio. The benefits of situating the studio here is that we have access at a moments notice to a professional mixing and mastering studio, ensuring the whole process of production, mixing then mastering is covered. The production and sound design studio is equipped with a 1 metre by 2 metre vocal booth used for recording both vocals and live instruments. Custom built and fully isolated, the booth allows us to track any instruments we require to use in the production of a track. All services we offer are bespoke to the client and can vary in price depending on what is required. We will always try and fit your budget big or small. Contact us today to enquire about ghost production using the contact form at the foot of this page.

Enquire About Production Services Here

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