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Order Digital Mastering Here ( £20 – £40 per Track )
Order Analogue Mastering Here ( £25 – £50 per Track )
Order Stem Mastering ( £40 – £60 per Track )
Order Mixing And Mastering Here ( £60 – £300 per Track )
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Welcome to Audio Animals…

Based in London UK Audio Animals specialise in high end online mixing and mastering. At Audio Animals we own some of the worlds best audio equipment including brands such as Solid State Logic SSL , Shadow Hills, Neve, MaagMaselec to name just a few. The pride of our kit list is our custom 52 channel Solid State Logic desk including both 4000 series and 9000 series EQ’s and compressors as well as an SSL X Desk. Having the ability to mix all our clients music down on one of the top desks the music industry has to offer, gives us the ability to turn around the same quality mix downs you will hear in any mainstream big top 40 chart track. Audio Animals excel in the industry, offering industry standard loud masters, whilst retaining dynamics unlike many other mastering studios. We are able to achieve this with help from our unique mastering chain. Our mastering chain consists of the world’s best multiband mastering compressor the Maselec MLA-3 and legendary Shadow Hills compressor as well as all our analogue masters are run to the truly unique sound of Rupert Neve’s 542 tape saturation units. For a full list of studio equipment we use visit our studio page here. More images of the studio can be found here.

API-500-Series   API-500-Series-Lindell-Elysia   Maselc-MLA-3-Multiband-Compressor   Solid-State-Logic-9k-Eq-Compressor

Who Have Audio Animals Previously Worked For?

Our clients range from Grammy award winning music producers and world famous vocalists such as Lil Wayne and Kele Le Roc to Hollywood film composers and film studios such as Universal Studios, Sony Pictures and Warner Brothers Studios. For a full list of previous clients please visit our clients list page here.

Warner Bros. Pictures   The Amazing Spider-Man 2    BBC  20th Century Fox

Andrae-Carter-Snoop-Dog   Lil Wayne Audio Animals   X-men – Days Of Future Past   Charge recordings

Audio Animals Ltd is the brain child of cousins and engineers Paul Ashmore and Nick Burchall. The Audio Animals management and engineers are always available to contact on a personal level either via facebook or email. We operate a very friendly and approachable service. If you require advice or need to enquire about any of our services please email us at

Audio Animals Studio Services

Audio Animals offer a one of a kind mixing and mastering service. Not only do we offer a high quality service, we also help promote our clients free of charge via our network of fans and internet presence. We offer to promote our clients releases on our website here. These pages are viewed by 10,000+ people a week and hit the top of google with in 4 days. This free service increases record sales, downloads, fans, plays and overall helps expose your music to more people.

Audio Animals Mastering A/B Demos

Audio Animals Mixing And Mastering A/B Demos

Audio Animals Analogue Hardware A/B Demos

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