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Mixing And Mastering / Analogue Mastering / Digital Mastering / Dj Mix Mastering
Stem Mastering / Traktor Stem Mastering / CD Duplication / Ghost Production
Remixing / Backing Tracks / Sample Shop / Music VideoLyric Video / Record Label

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Mixing And Mastering Service

Audio Animals offer a high end mixing and mastering service catering for all genres of music. We pride ourselves on using only the very best high quality analogue audio equipment. Our mixing and mastering studio includes brands such as Maselec, Solid State Logic, Shadow Hills, Maag, Elysia, Universal Audio and Neve.

Order Your Mixing And Mastering Here ( £60 – £300 Per Track )

Analogue Mastering Service

Audio Animals have cemented themselves within the mastering industry as the go to studio for many artists and record labels of all genres around the world. Audio Animals offer a far superior mastering service to other mastering studios, with the aid of our incredibly unique mastering chain, consisting of compressors by Shadow Hills, Maselec, Elysia, Solid State Logic and eq’s by Maag, Elysia, Neve, Little Labs, SSL, SPL and Dangerous Music.

Order Your Analogue Mastering Here ( £25 – £50 Per Track )

Digital Mastering Service

Audio Animals use only the best even when working in the box with digital plugins. We will only use Universal Audio plugins when working in the digital domain. By using UAD plugins we are able to achieve a digital mastering service that rivals other analogue mastering studios. Many of the plugins we use in our digital mastering chain we also own in analogue format. Accurate emulation and hands on knowledge of these plugins allows us to mastering our clients music of all genres to the very best of it’s ability.

Order Your Digital Mastering Here ( £20 – £40 Per Track )

Stem Mastering Service

Audio Animals offer by far the best stem mastering service online. Whilst other studios sum your mix in the box, Audio Animals sum out the box through a 36 channel Solid State Logic console. By stem mastering on a hybrid mixing setup combined with a mastering setup, we are able to insert where necessary analogue eq’s and compressors of the highest calibre. By working in this way we are able to stem master all genres of music to the highest quality.

Order Your Stem Mastering Here ( £40 – £60 Per Track )

Traktor Stem Mastering Service

Using Audio Animals unique process of creating mastered stems that when played back, play back sounding as close to the master as is physically possible. A dj is able to mix individual stems solo or summed together without losing any volume, loudness or quality. Whilst other studios will master Traktor stems in the box and convert to Traktor format using digital compression and limiting, Audio Animals sum out the box through a 36 channel Solid State Logic console.

Order Your Traktor Stem Mastering Here ( £25 – £50 Per Track)

CD Duplication Service

Audio Animals offer a CD duplication service like no other. High quality analogue CD mastering and duplication at an affordable price. By far the cheapest CD duplication service online. We offer this service at such an affordable rate as a way of supporting our clients music and giving them an additional outlet for their music. Be it for distribution to shops or to promo material to give to dj’s or fans. Our CD’s are duplicated using a R Quest NS 2100 multifunctional CD and printer. Print quality is amazing and returns a very professional looking CD like any other you would find in a shop.

Order Your CD Duplication Here ( £30 – £1520 Per Track )

Full Audio Animals Equipment List Click Here

Ghost Production Service

With the use of a high end mixing and mastering studio, Audio Animals are able to offer the very best ghost production service online. We currently work with over 100 ghost producers who cater for all genres of music to the highest degree. With other ghost production services you will receive 1 produced track to listen to, where as Audio Animals ghost production service offers your track specifications to over 100 different artists to produce your track. This results in the client receiving back multiple tracks to choose from all produced to their exact spec. This approach makes Audio Animals ghost production service truly unique. We are always on the look out to sign new and creative producers. If you feel you have what it takes please apply by emailing us at

Order Your Ghost Production Here ( £500 – £2000 Per Track )

Remixing Service

Audio Animals remixing service uses some of the industries best producers from all genres of music. Every track is mixed down and mastered at the Audio Animals studio in London. Our remixing service lists a set price for each producer ranging from £250 – £4000. Our clients can select the producer they wish to have remix their track with confidence they are getting the highest quality and exactly what they are paying for.

Order Your Remixing Here ( £1000 – £2000 Per Track )

Music Video Service

Audio Animals work closely with a professional film crew who will create a bespoke music video for your track. Music videos are shot on a 4K DSLR camera with cinema lenses ensuring the highest quality video is shot. All videos are based around the clients specification and requirements. We are able to offer our music video service online to clients around the world, catering for all genres and walks of life. The music videos we offer do not include actors or any attendance from artists. We are able to offer professionally shot music videos up to 5 minutes long at an affordable price by filming in local locations in and around London using dynamic interesting shots.

Order Your Music Video Here ( £400 – £1000 Per Video )

Lyric Video Service

Lyric videos are a very popular way for vocalists and rappers to have a video produced without attending the video shoot. Dynamic video and imagery is shot by our film crew, using a high quality 4K DSLR camera with cinema lenses.This video footage is then used as a backing layer for the lyric video. The video that is used as a backing layer is based on the clients specifications. The vocalists lyrics are now sync’d to the backing track and in a creative way to maximise the audience attention span. To do this we will require in your job spec all lyrics used in the backing track.

Order Your Lyric Video Here ( £300 – £500 Per Video )


Full Audio Animals Client List Click Here

Backing Tracks Shop

Audio Animals Backing Tracks Shop features various backing tracks of all genres including EDM, drum and bass ( DnB ), Dubstep, hip hop, trap, RnB, pop, dance, trance, acoustic and live bands. Backing tracks are much like our ghost production service but all tracks are produced without a given client spec. All tracks are produced by a multitude of different producers from around the world. These tracks have all been licensed to Audio Animals for release as backing tracks. Upon purchasing a backing track a signed agreement is included in the download link which releases all rights to the track to the purchasing party. Included in the download is a full mix, master and mixed stems for further production.

Visit Audio Animals Backing Tracks Shop Here

Sample Shop

The Audio Animal Sample Shop features a range of downloadable sample packs produced by various producers of various musical backgrounds. Our shop includes a wide range of samples suitable for all genres, with a large selection of Drums, Bass, Risers, FX, Synth Sounds, Instruments as well as the odd random freebie, as a thank you to our customers for their continued support! Keep an eye our for the latest sample pack, or subscribe to the facebook page to hear about them first! We are always on the look out to sign new and creative sound designers. If you think you have what it takes to join the Audio Animals Samples team please contact us via email at

Visit Audio Animals Sample Shop Here

Audio Animals Record Label

Audio Animals Records is an independent record label releasing artists music of which we have mixed and or mastered. With so many artists sending us music each week that is unsigned and looking for a label to release on we feel it is important to support the artists that support us by trying to release as much of their music as possible.

Visit Audio Animals Record Label Shop Here

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