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The SPL Transient Designer by Universal Audio is one of the most used plugins during our drum mix down. The best way to describe this plugin is it’s essential. If your ever lack snap or punch on a kick snare hat add a transient designer to your sound. Adjust the attack and release until you get the perfect snap your hit needs to punch through the mix. The way I always explain this plugin is imagine being able to precisely shape your sound. You have two main dials. An attack which when increased adds more punch and snap to your sound and a sustain knob which controls the amount of tail your sound has. The sustain knob is much like a compressor gate. Lastly there is an output gain which you can use obviously to adjust the output level. The transient designer produces a lot of additional output gain so the output level knob is essential for getting a clean sound.

For a plugin which only has a few dials and one function you would not believe how important it is when mixing. Some times we feel a snare needs more snap but a compressor isn’t quite what’s needed. The transient designer with a few tweaks get you the sound you instantly need. This plugin isn’t cheap but for what it does and how well it does it, it’s a must have in every studio. We have never compared the universal audio plugin with any of the other versions.

In conclusion this is such an important plugin so simple yet essential. Add snap punch tightness to your sound. A must have purchase on any UAD 2 card.

SPL Transient Design UAD

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