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Stem Mastering

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What Is Stem Mastering?

Stem mastering is a mastering process that derives from film mastering. Tracks are bounced down into a number of stems. These stems will generally include the track buses. Ie the drum bus, bass bus, instrument bus, fx bus and vocal bus. Depending on what your track consists of depends on how many stems need to be bounced down into audio. This style of mastering can be applied to all genres of music. Stem mastering achieves a far superior master to conventional analogue mastering, with the aid of the engineer being able to control certain elements of the mix. Stem mastering will achieve a far louder yet more dynamic master.

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Stem Mastering Service

Audio Animals offer a unique stem mastering service that caters for all genres of music. Whilst other studios sum your mix in the box, Audio Animals sum out the box through a 36 channel Solid State Logic console. By stem mastering on a hybrid mixing setup combined with a mastering setup, we are able to insert where necessary analogue eq’s and compressors of the highest calibre. By doing so we are able to control the mix pre mastering chain, allowing us obtain the perfect balance of dynamics. Thus doing so achieving maximum loudness and dynamic range. For this reason among many others is why most artists and labels opt for stem mastering over the more conventional stereo mastering process. For more detailed information contact us via email or phone ( 10am – 8pm ) via our contact page here.

4 Channel Stem Master £50 / $74 / €68 ( 4 – 7 Days )
8 Channel Stem Master £60 / $89 / €82 ( 4 – 7 Days )
12 Channel Stem Master £70 / $103 / €95 ( 4 – 7 Days )

  • Order four or more stem masters for 10% off – COUPON CODE: AA-StemMaster-10-Over-4
  • Order eight or more stem masters for 20% off – COUPON CODE: AA-StemMaster-20-Over-8

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