Xfer Serum Analogue Wavetables


Xfer Serum Analogue Wavetables is a selection of Serum wavetables recorded using various different analogue synthesizers. Each table includes the analogue oscillators complete range from sine to saw to square to pulse. By recording each oscillator in this way it allows us to construct a Serum wavetable that works and acts in the exact same way the analogue oscillator would. Each of the 15 wavetables includes a stepped version and a smooth version.

Photoshop Template Includes:

  • 30 – Analogue Wavetables
  • 29 – Serum Presets
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    Each wavetable has been recorded directly from the original analogue audio source. By doing so ensures the sound you are hearing is as true to the hardware as is physically possible within Serum.

    Each oscillator has been recorded across it’s complete range. Starting from sine or triangle and cycling through to saw, on to square and lastly pulse. By recording each oscillator in this manner we are able to accurately emulate the way each oscillator moves through the wavetable and recreate this in Serum.


    • Access Virus TI
    • Arturia Minibrute
    • Cheetah MS-6
    • Dave Smith Mopho
    • Doepfer Dark Energy
    • Korg MS-20
    • Moog Minitaur
    • Moog Sub 37
    • Moog Voyager


    • Analogue sound in Serum
    • Full range of oscillators
    • Stepped & smooth wavetables
    • 29 Serum presets


    • Xfer Serum Analogue Wavetables


    • Xfer Serum (any version)
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